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Creating a consistent and safe product that looks and tastes the same during every batch can be challenging for any food or beverage manufacturer.

To ensure product quality, achieve exact temperature and reduce energy usage, processors can look no further than Hydro-Thermal for a customized heating solution. Our patented heating system works by mixing steam and process liquids completely while delivering precise temperature and instantaneous heating. For more information on our advanced culinary steam injection technology, click here.



Heating products utilizing direct steam injection

The type of heater you need is dependent on how it will be used. No matter what your application, Hydro-Thermal has the solution for every application in food and beverage processing.

All of our heaters share unique benefits, including internal modulation, self cleaning ability and rugged design and construction.

Here is what makes each solution unique:

Sanitary Hydroheater


  • Applications: Food and beverage processing, water heating if 3A certification is required
  • Volume capability: flow rates up to 180 gpm [41 m³/hr]
  • Precise temperature control ±1°F [.50°C]
  • Available in sizes from 1/2" to 2-1/2"
  • Liquid Turndown: 2:1
  • Liquid Viscosity: Up to 20,000 cP
  • Rating: 150 psig @ 400°F
  • Back Pressure: Up to 60% steam
  • There are 3A certified polished versions or unpolished versions available.
  • Tri-clamp connections, but I-Line connections are available upon request.
  • Self-draining from multiple orientations and designed for easy CIP.
  • Right Angle Design
  • For more information on the Sanitary Hydroheater, click here.



  • Volume capability: flow rates up to 25,000 gpm [5,678 m³/hr]
  • Precise temperature control ±1°F [.50°C]
  • Body materials in a variety of materials, including 316/316L SS, 254 SMO, 1.4408 Harmonized, Hastelloy; consult factory for other materials.
  • Straight through design
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Moderate steam capacity, up to 50°F ∆T under most conditions.
  • Handles heavy slurries, medium consistency pulp stock or higher solids content.
  • Up to 10:1 liquid turndown
  • Connections: ANSI Class 150; ANSI Class 300; DIN PN16, PN25, PN40, Others upon request
  • Viscosities up to 40,000 cP, consult factory for higher values
  • Ensures thorough mixing and uniform temperature profile
  • Low shear, maintains chunk size
  • High flow rates
  • Easily plumbs into existing plant utilities.
  • For more information on the Solaris, click here.

EZ Heater

  • Volume capability: 2 up to 1,350 gpm [.5 up to 306 m³/hr]
  • Precise temperature control
  • High temperature rise
  • High turndown capabilities for large flow fluctuations
  • Ability to set more than one temperature
  • Unlimited on-demand hot water at precise temperature
  • Easily plumbs into existing plant utilities
  • Pre-designed and partially stocked for short lead times
  • For more information on the EZ Heater, click here.



SilverLine™ Smart Cooking System

  • Sanitary 3A, CE certified and FDA compliant, stainless steel system for starches, slurries, and high solid products.
  • Volume capability: 5 up to 200 gpm [1.1 up to 45 m³/hr]
  • Uses: tomato paste, sauces, soup stocks, salsa, meat slurry, vegetable blanching, cheese production, dairy based drinks and sauces, beverages.
  • For more information on the SilverLine, click here.



Actuator Options Available

Hydro-Thermal's heaters utilize a Fisher reverse-acting diaphragm actuator (“fail close”). Generally coupled with a filter/regulator and a Fisher DVC 2000 or a DVC 6200 positioner that converts a 4-20 mA DC input signal to pneumatic output signal to the actuator. For high vibration applications remote mount positioners are available. Alternative positioners are available depending on unique processing conditions or upon request. Please contact Hydro-Thermal for more details.



Non-Obstructing Heater (NOH)

  • Volume capacity: 30 up to 6,900 gpm (6.8 up to 1,567.2 m3/hr)
  • Body and stem plugs in 316SS, and diffuser in 316L or 17-4PH (other materials available pending on request or per application)
  • Straight tube design allows unrestricted flow
  • Low pressure drop
  • Trim heating control for high turndown
  • Able to handle abrasive (sand or grit) and large particulate/fibrous materials
  • Available in sizes from 2” to 12”
  • Heater rating of 300 PSIG @ 450°F
  • Raised face flanges designed per ANSI B16.5 with lugged connections
  • For more information on the NOH, please click here.




Fluid Heating Systems

EZ Skid™: Complete skid systems utilizing the EZ Heater®. The EZ Skid is available in 5 standard sizes and is only used for hot water applications. For more information, click here.



ATTEC®: ATTEC or Advanced Fluid Heating Skids are completely customized solutions that are designed, built and installed to individual specs. Hydro-Thermal will provide necessary components including piping and control systems. These skids can be used for processing any type of slurry including starch cooking, food manufacturing, chemical processing and everything in between. For more information, click here.

Applications for Food and Beverage Processing

Technical Papers

Enhanced functionality of pea-rice protein isolate blends through direct steam injection processing

Washington State University students researched the effects of direct steam injection on pea-rice protein.

To view the abstract and download the full article, click here.

A summary of their findings:

  • The study demonstrated that using Hydro-Thermal’s Direct Steam Injection (DSI) technology, that the functional properties of Pea and Rice Protein isolates are enhanced while not degrading, but maintaining the amino acid composition and overall protein quality.
  • The high shear and temperature in combination with high pH resulted in creation of modified proteins that become more hydrophilic and improve solubility. Therefore, allowing food processors to have components that disperse better and more easily.
  • DSI also improved emulsifying activity, foam stability, and oil holding capacity. All of which are crucial for food companies requiring natural methods of creating stability in complex food systems that customers constantly demand.

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