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Hydroheater/ JetCooker Service Options

Hydro-Thermal has dedicated, knowledgeable staff to assist you with information gathering and guide you through the purchasing process. Whether it’s buying a new heater or ordering aftermarket parts, our staff will ensure that you end up with the best solution and your order is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Looking for a manual? Log onto our Knowledge Center.

Are you looking for spare parts? Please fill out the parts request form to get in contact with a customer service representative.

Do you want one of our service technicians to visit your facility and evaluate your heater? Please fill out the service request form.



Proper care of your Hydroheater will save time, money, and prevent unscheduled shutdowns. Whether you want to maintain your heater yourself or have Hydro-Thermal service it for you, we have options to keep your system running at optimal performance.


A consistent maintenance program ensures peak performance. Soft goods should be checked and the heater should be thoroughly cleaned and re-calibrated every 12 to 18 months. Wear to the internals should also be checked regularly, so performance is optimized.

To request an inspection by a Hydro-Thermal technician, complete the field request form. Once that form is complete you will be contacted by Hydro-Thermal. We will get more detail from you via the service coordination form. This form and a PO must be completed before a technician is scheduled for a plant visit.

To purchase parts and have your staff do the maintenance, complete the aftermarket-request-form.


Your heater is designed for specific fluid and steam operating conditions. Over time processes or steam systems may change, possibly reducing effectiveness and efficiency. Refurbishing your Hydroheater ensures your system is operating at peak levels and sized properly for your conditions.

Our rebuild and refurbishment program is a cost-effective way to restore your Hydroheater to its original operating condition and renews your 100% performance warranty.

Contact us toll-free at (800) 952-0121 or (+1 262 548 8900) or contact Hydro-Thermal for instructions on returning your unit.

Send the Hydroheater back to us per written instructions you receive from customer service. Upon receipt and inspection of your unit we will contact you with our rebuild/refurbishment recommendations.

After we receive your authorization, our experts will rebuild your heater, restoring it to like-new condition. Rebuilt heaters carry the same performance warranty as a new heater.


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