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Mayonnaise Starch Base Cooking using Direct Steam Injection

34% Starch Slurry 

Flow Rate:
7 GPM [2 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
140°F [60°C]

Discharge Temperature:
198°F [92°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
100 PSIG [6.9 barg]

75,000 cP



Mayonnaise Starch Base Cooking

The producer of a starch base for mayonnaise needed a 3A approved product for cooking starch slurries used in-line. They were currently using a non-sanitary competitive direct steam injection heater to heat the starch slurry used in processing various starch based products. It was difficult to control temperatures and had to be taken out of line to adequately be cleaned. 


The solution was to install a 3A Sanitary Hydroheater®. It has no moving parts in the product contact area, is self draining and sealed for external washdown. It provides precise temperature control to ±1°F [0.5°C], produces instant heating of the product, and is 100% thermal efficient. The Hydroheater injects a precise amount of steam through the nozzle at a constant velocity, which results in a more homogeneous blending of the starch base, while also eliminating the risk for plugging and fouling. The instant heat transfer causes the steam to disperse into the product quickly, eliminating hammer and vibration associated with other similar type devices. 

The Hydroheater in this application resulted in reduced maintenance, cut CIP cleaning time by a third, and produced a better cook out of the starch; this contributed to better cost control by utilizing less raw starch in the process. Also, the Hydroheater eliminated the need to shut down the production line to remove the heater for cleaning. 


• Acquire 3A heater for slurry heating
• Maintain accurate temperature control
• Reduce cleaning time


• Installed Sanitary (3A) Hydroheater
• Precise temperature control
• 100% thermal efficiency
• Cut cleaning time by 1/3
• Increased cost control with less starch usage
• Eliminated need to remove heater for maintenance


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