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Wastewater: Whey Waste Production using Direct Steam Injection

Flow Rate:
200 GPM [45 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
75°F [24°C]

Discharge Temperature:
95°F [35°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
75 PSIG [5 barg]






Wastewater: Whey Waste Production

This end-user saw an opportunity to use a waste whey product to initiate a waste-to-energy project according to their sustainability plan. They are the world’s second largest food producer selling into 170 countries and can trace its roots back to the 1700’s. They produce some of the world’s most recognizable and trusted food brands, and this particular plant produces cream cheese. The project included an anaerobic digester wastewater using whey waste from cheese production.

Our customer wanted to reduce their carbon footprint by focusing on six big impact areas of their business. One of those areas is waste. The company produces a cheese product in this plant, where waste whey is at a high volume and posed a disposal challenge. They chose this project to showcase a waste-to-energy initiative using bio-methane from waste treatment systems to produce energy for the plant.


The solution was to use a K400 series Hydroheater® to heat the whey sludge to exact temperatures in an anaerobic digestion system. The Hydroheater heats to exact temperatures (±1°F) so the methane formingbacteria (archaea), effectively reproduces in the process to convert the sludge solids to biogas.

The plant now produces bio-methane from their on-site waste treatment. This process replaces 30-35% of the plant’s annual natural gas needs. Put in practical terms, the anaerobic digester creates enough biogas to heat 1,000 homes.


• Reduce carbon footprint
• Precise temerature control
• Enhance product quality


• Precise temperature control
• Improved product cycle process
• Reduced annual natural gas need by 30-35%


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