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Direct Steam Injection Heating for Pet Food Processing.

Creating a consistent, repeatable product that appeals to both the pet and its owner can be challenging for any pet food manufacturer.

To ensure product quality, achieve exact temperature and reduce energy usage, processors can look no further than Hydro-Thermal for a customized heating solution. Our patented heating system works by mixing steam and process liquids thoroughly while delivering precise temperature and instantaneous heating.To learn more about how our pet food processing hydroheaters can provide improved & ensured energy efficiency for your pet food processing plant, head over to our What is Direct Steam Injection page.

Heating Applications for Pet Food Processing

Direct steam injection heating utilizing the Hydroheater

No matter your industry or application, Hydro-Thermal's heating solutions will ensure you save energy costs, reduce maintenance downtime, and more. With instantaneous heating when you need it, our products are ideal for anywhere. Maintaining a precise temperature is critical. Click on an production process below to learn about our most popular heating applications:

  • 1Ground Meat/By-Product Heating and Mixing
  • 2Raw Materials Heating and Mixing (Cereals/Grains, Vitamins/Minerals)
  • 3Dye/Color Injection Systems
  • 4Extruder
  • 5In-Line Flavor Injection System
  • 6Conveyer Cleaning/Spray Bar
  • 7Sanitation/Canning Process

Meat Slurry/Ground Meat/By-Product Heating

Our proven technology reaches the proper temperature for a consistent and uniform cooking process in a single pass. By heating/cooking ground product to final temperature, we can make this a continuous, smooth process eliminating batch variation and optimizing consistent quality. When optimized, there is virtually no burn on or plugging of the system, resulting in less maintenance and cleaning time. We know that consistent, good-tasting pet food that alleviates food safety concerns is your #1 priority.

Real World Examples

Dye/Color Injection Systems

The color of the product is carefully controlled – for the humans buying the pet food, not their pets. To manufacture the correct pet food color, pet food processors utilize a Hydro-Thermal sanitary solution for heating their dye mixture. Our accurate temperature control ensures consistent formulations for quality and consistency.

Starches And Gravy Cooking


With the ability to accurately control shear and temperature, we ensure an optimum gelatinization of the starches to get perfect viscosity and yield. Therefore the starch operation is efficient and repeatable, meeting all quality standards.

Producing high-quality starch requires optimal performance from your heating system, learn more about how our hydroheaters can improve your Strach Processing System.

Click here for a case study.


Applications: Point Of Use/Conveyor Cleaning/Spray Bars

Replace multiple heating stations and mix T's with just one central EZ Skid system for your existing central hot water, removing the need for steam piping to each hose drop. This eliminates employees' exposure to hot steam and leaking equipment from faulty hose stations. Unlike other heating systems, our central heating systems optimize your operation by providing consistent flow rates and precisely heated water. Our turn-down capabilities are flexible enough to provide hot water instantaneously at your desired temperature during production or plant wash down anytime.

Mix And Hold Tank Heating

Use direct steam injection for cooking and mixing ingredients. Control cook temperature precisely and on-demand while avoiding product burn on and reserving flavor. Besides, maintain temperature for the enzymatic digestion process. Whether heating the fluid going into the tank or recirculating the tank to maintain a specific temperature, Hydro-Thermal's solution can be used for utility or sanitary, 3A ingredient water.

Hydro-Thermal Products used in the Pet Food Industry

  • EZ Heater®

    Water only applications

    Volume capability: 2 up to 1,350 gpm [.5 up to 306 m³/hr]

    Uses: tank heating/filling, washdown, clean-in-place (CIP), sanitation, clean-up can topping, cook pots, chemical reactors

  • EZ Skid System

    For hot water only, utilizes the EZ Heater®

    Volume capability: 2 up to 1,350 gpm [.5 up to 306 m³/hr]

    Uses: tank heating/filling, washdown, clean-in-place (CIP), sanitation, clean-up can topping, cook pots, chemical reactors

  • SilverLine™ Smart Cooking System

    Sanitary 3A, CE certified and FDA compliant, stainless steel system for starches, slurries and high solid products

    Volume capability: 5 up to 200 gpm [1.1 up to 45 m³/hr]

  • Sanitary Hydroheater® A Series

    Patented 3A certified heater manufactured in stainless steel(s), heats a wide range of liquids from water to heavy viscous slurries

    Volume capability: 1 up to 180 gpm [.2 up to 41 m³/hr]


    Optimized straight-through heater, handles heavy slurries, medium consistency pulp stock or higher solids content.

    Volume capability: 5 up to 25,000 gpm [1 up to 5,678 m³/hr]

Pet Food Download

Five Common Hot Water Challenges in the Pet Food Industry

Hot water is a critical component in any facility. Hot water is used for temperature critical applications such as cleaning/washdown and for sanitation. Yet, water is a utility and often the last of your concerns. If you find that you are always heating to higher temperatures just to reach your set-point temperature then this guide is for you. Below are some common hot water problems and the reasons why you should be addressing them now.

Use our hot water spotlight as your first step in diagnosing where your system might be lagging – including these five key areas:

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