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Hydrive™ Linear Actuator
The Hydrive™ Linear Actuator (HLA) is the only actuator designed from the ground up to optimize the performance of Hydro-Thermal’s industry-leading DSI fluid heating and cooking systems – delivering the most accurate and precise temperature control available.
Smooth & Precise
HLA's innovative LED light sensing technology requires no moving parts to deliver ultra-smooth, instant, exact positioning within .ooo1” accuracy – enabling tighter process parameters to improve energy efficiency and product quality.
Compact & Robust
One small, light, yet strong package supports all heater sizes with up to 1.5” travel – requiring less space, easing installation and maintenance, and minimizing vibration impact from the actuator.
Smart & Connected
Industry 4.0 technologies including advanced sensors with data storage and Bluetooth connectivity pair with the Hydrive Connect mobile application to provide effortless calibration, real-time performance monitoring, and historical data analysis for preventative maintenance and ongoing process optimization.
Tested and Proven
The HLA has under gone thousands of hours of field testing in multiple customer environments.
Hydrive Connect
Simple actuator controls in the palm of your hand
Calibration is fast, easy, and precise using the Hydrive Connect application installed on your own mobile device*. The Hydrive Connect app can also be used to adjust the position, monitor live performance, and retrieve historical data for deeper analysis.
*Apple iOS and Bluetooth connectivity required
500 lbs. force @ 70 psig (operating)
880 lbs. force @ 100 psig (maximum)
4-20mA signal 24VDC
32 GB MicroSD card storage
316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Range: -30°F to 175°F
Air Pressure:
    Minimum: Depends on closing force
    Maximum: 100 psig
Maximum Travel: 1.5”
System Weight: 30 lbs.
HLA can be installed with the following Hydro-Thermal heaters:
Sanitary Hydroheater (A-Series)
EZ Heater® (H-Series)
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