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High fructose corn syrup starch cooking using the Jetcooker

38% Corn Starch Slurry

Flow Rate:
1,050 GPM [238 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
125°F [52°C]

Discharge Temperature:
225°F [107°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
150 PSIG [10.3 barg]








High Fructose Corn Syrup Starch Cooking using the Jetcooker™

A major U.S. high fructose corn syrup producer was experiencing difficulties cooking corn starch in the liquefaction stage with a competitive jet cooker. The competitive jet cooker was unable to provide completely cooked starch and required a static mixer downstream. In addition, the competitive unit was unable to operate under the varying production rates dictated by seasonal demands without hammer and instability.


Hydro-Thermal® installed an Automatic Hydroheater®. The Hydroheater is the only jet cooking device which provides a fully adjustable mechanical shear force to insure a complete, uniform cook-out of starch. Internal modulation of steam in the Hydroheater provides for unlimited steam flow turndown for smooth operation over varying slurry flow rates and temperature requirements. The simple geometry of the Hydroheater allows it to operate day in, day out without plugging or fouling. Hammer-free operation, internal modulation of steam assures precise temperature control of the cooked starch.

The producer’s cook is complete and uniform with a homogeneous solution provided for saccharification. The static mixer has been eliminated from the system. The plant is now able to operate under variable production demands while maintaining a consistently high quality cook from the Hydroheater. Downtime has not been required for cleaning the Hydroheater due to its self-cleaning design.


• Completely cook starch
• Eliminate downstream static mixer
• Operate under varying conditions
• Eliminate hammer


• Installed Automatic Hydroheater
• Complete, uniform starch cook-out
• Smooth operation over varying flow rates and temperature requirements
• Eliminated hammering
• Eliminated static mixer


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