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Aseptic paste heating using direct steam injection technology

Hot and Cold-Break Paste

Circulation Rate:
60-300 GPM [14-68 m³/hr]
(turndown in configured system is 2:1)

Inlet Temperature:
180-195°F [82-91°C]

Discharge Temperature:
212-218°F [100-103°C]

Temperature Rise for a Single Heater:
17-38°F [9-21°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
175-300 PSIG [12-21 barg]

Sanitary Tomato Paste Heating

A long-time customer was looking for a solution to their struggles packaging tomato paste into aseptic containers. During the long 14-week season, the Solaris heating system ran well, optimizing performance to provide a quality product and a stable operation. The Solaris was customized to meet the unique demands of heating both hot- and cold-paste of 28-35% NTSS. This successful solution incorporated a custom Solaris heater built into a supply manifold and steam conditioning system for a 4 inch [DN100] aseptic paste line. 


A season of trials resulted in a system package designed for either 4 or 6 inch [DN100 or DN150] aseptic paste lines. Solution includes custom Solaris heaters in either single or dual pass with a frame constructed of welded square tubing with feet to anchor into concrete plus schedule 40 piping and flanged connections at the inlet and outlet. The steam line includes a drip leg and steam trapping to ensure dry steam supply. Isolation and check valves prevent paste from backing up into the steam line. An additional steam conditioning system will be provided with a pressure control loop and culinary filter if necessary. In addition, the system is supplied with wiring to allow flexibility in control systems, unless existing temperature and pressure transmitters can be used. 


• Decrease vibration & hammering 
• Decrease burn-on to extend or eliminate cleaning cycles 
• Achieve more precise temperature control 


• Eliminated burn-on (up to 4 weeks with no deposits or burn-on) 
• Eliminated steam hammer in heating system and downstream piping 
• Minimized high frequency vibration 
• Consistent temperature control during feed-forward production 
• Flow turndown exceeded 2:1 without a change in stable operation 
• Pressure swings up to 100 psi during divert mode to feed-forward transition had no effect on heater stability 


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