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Hydron™ Sanitary Hydroheater Applications & Benefits

How Does Our 3-A Certified Sanitary Hydroheater Work?

Hydro-Thermal’s Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater is a perfect fit for applications in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The Hydron is 3-A certified making it the heater of choice for processes that require fast and precise temperature control without any degradation in quality.

The Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater is a sophisticated heat transfer device capable of 100% heat transfer efficiency and precise temperature control. It employs a unique internal geometry to control the steam injection process. A variable area nozzle/stem plug is used to precisely regulate steam flow. The steam condenses and disperses into the liquid so quickly that hammering and vibration often experienced with less sophisticated heaters are virtually eliminated.

The high steam velocity turns it into a self-cleaning machine, ensuring that internal surfaces will not plug or foul regardless of the product being heated.

Hydron™ 400 Series Sanitary Hydroheater

The Hydron™ 400 Series is the most precise, accurate, and versatile Sanitary Hydroheater available. Its modular 3-A certified design delivers optimal process flexibility and stability in an easy to use and maintain package.


Instant heating

  • Precise temperature control
  • Fully heat to temperature in a single pass
  • High energy efficiency

Automatically adjusting combining tube for shear and pressure control

  • Improved process dependability adjustable to “sweet spot”
  • Enhanced process flexibility and lower vibration
  • Increased process flow and flow turndown

Easy to install and maintain

  • Modular design allows rotation of various parts to be flexible for process installation requirements
  • Fully CIP-able system in proper orientation or easily removed to COP
  • Minimize/eliminate product burn-on with Air-gap nozzle
  • Minimize/eliminate product build-up with self-cleaning fluid velocity

Process thick mashes at up to 35% dry solids

  • Proven to be a more e ective starch converter increasing sugar yields

Total sanitary design

  • 3-A certified
  • Available in 316L or AL6XN
  • Heater designed to ASME Section VIII
  • Seals & Internals meet FDA & EU Regulation (EC) 1935/2004


Sanitary Hydroheaters are ideal for these applications:

  • Starch cooking
  • Clean-in-Place
  • Pasteurization
  • Tomato paste heating
  • Baby food cooking
  • Applesauce heating
  • In-line cooking
  • Soup-base cooking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Adjunct mashes (Corn, Rice, Unmalted barley, etc.)
  • Standard brewers malt mashes (Up to 35% dry solids)

Hydron 425

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Heater Features
  • Plug geometry and length to handle stability control
    (similar to existing K/M Series heaters)


  • Pneumatic steam control actuator with fail close
  • Electric drive for shear/stability control
  • Manual CTA option included and always upgradeable

Electricity Usage 

  • Hydron servo motor (1)
        - Less than 1 KW (2 HP)

Connection Types

  • Tri-clamp
  • I-Line (Extended Lead Time)

Hydron™ A-Series Sanitary Hydroheater

Hydron A-Series is self-draining from multiple orientations and the steam and liquid inlets can rotate 360°. The unit will drain in a vertical position or, if horizontal, with steam and liquid inlets downward, angled below horizontal plane. The heater is designed for clean-in-place (CIP). The heater can be easily disassembled for maintenance.


Heater Features

  • Stainless Steel 316L


  • Pneumatic steam control actuator with fail close


  • 150 PSIG at 400°F [10 barg at 205°C] Bar at design, temperature

Connection Types 

  • Tri-clamp
  • I-Line (Extended Lead Time)

Hydron A-Series

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