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cooking meat in a bag using direct steam injection

Flow Rate:
120 GPM [27 m³/hr] via pump

Inlet Temperature:
120°F [49°C]

Discharge Temperature:
195°F [91°C]

Water Pressure:
40-50 PSIG [2.8-3.4 barg]

Steam Supply Pressure:
80 PSIG [5.5 barg]




Energy savings averages over $60,000 per year.

This end user needed to bring tanks up to temperature quickly and accurately while reducing product and tank damage in a secondary meat processing plant. They were using tank spargers that were causing major steam and energy loss by not being able to maintain accurate temperature control. Employee safety became a major issue as the turbulent action of the spargers was causing tank and product damage, and creating a ‘sauna-like’ atmosphere. Overheating was also causing the bags to burst which resulted in product waste.


Hydro-Thermal® replaced the tank spargers with H2020 EZ Heaters with medium (M) non-linear diffusers. This solution allowed the end user to maintain an accurate temperature of ±1°F once in trim mode, and brought the tank up to temperature quickly to save on batch time.

By replacing their spargers with the EZ Heater®, this end user saved an estimated 1/3 the energy/BTUs vs. sparging and averages over $60,000 per year.

In addition, we eliminated the steam waste to the atmosphere due to the atomization of the steam bubbles into the tank water, creating a more comfortable environment. It also ensured product quality by optimizing temperature control to keep product pouches from bursting.


• Reach temperature quickly and accurately
• Reduce tank and product damage
• Enhance product quality
• Improve employee safety


• Eliminated maintenance for damaged tanks
• Improved quality of product batches
• Increased employee safety
• Saved energy (& money)

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