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NOH (Non-Obstructing Heater)- Unrestricted flow

Hydro-Thermal’s newest innovation is called the NOH or the Non-Obstructing Heater. The NOH’s straight tube design allows unrestricted flow, prevents pressure drop and heats slurries without plugging or fouling. The NOH’s rugged design and materials of construction allow it to handle abrasive materials minimizing wear on internal parts.



NOH Cut out




  • Low pressure drop
  • Unrestricted flow
  • Quiet, noise minimizing design
  • Rugged, able to handle abrasive materials (such as sand or grit) or large particulate/fibrous materials
  • No special tools needed for maintenance
  • Reduction in steam leakage
  • Large range of operation
  • Trim heating control for high turndown

Designed for specific operating conditions

The NOH is made for your specific operating conditions.  We need to know a little bit about your process and plant set-up in order to design the heater or skid that will work best for your conditions.  Please fill out this form or contact us here.

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