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Direct Steam Injection Heating for the Wastewater Industry

Maintaining consistent sludge temperature in the Municipal, Agricultural, or Industrial markets can be challenging. If you are looking for a more efficient, cost-effective solution for heating your sludge without the scalding that can occur with a heat exchanger, then Hydro-Thermal has your solution.

Realize major cost savings with precise temperature control to aid in the anaerobic digestion process by keeping microorganisms at the required temperature to optimize effectiveness and increase methane gas production to power the boilers.

Hydro-Thermal’s patented designs can handle highly viscous slurries without burn on, plugging, or fouling typically resulting from other technologies, achieving thousands of dollars in energy savings.  

Hydro-Thermal's patented DSI heating system works by mixing steam and process liquids completely while delivering consistent temperature and instantaneous heating. For more information on our advanced direct steam injection technology, click here

Applications for Municipal, Agricultural, and Industrial Wastewater

Anaerobic digester sludge heating – recirculation or preheating

A reliable heating source for anaerobic digestion is imperative to ensure production (or capture) of biogas/methane.

What does your plant need from an Anaerobic Digestion Heater?

Heating Flexibility


The NOH’s high heating capability and range enable it to transition easily from shutdown to startup to maintenance mode, bringing the anaerobic digester up to temperature with extreme precision.


Precise temperatures without fear of scalding


Achieve ideal temperatures of 85-100°F (29-38°C) for mesophilic digestion or 120-140°F (49- 60°C) for thermophilic digestion to optimize biogas generation. The NOH provides more efficient way of heating than the conventional heat exchanger.


Non-Obstructing Heater (NOH) design that reduces maintenance 


The NOH’s straight flow-through design can ensure that rags do not get caught and plug the heater. The NOH can be produced using wear and corrosion resistant metallurgies to withstand grit and highly abrasive materials.


Space Savings 


The inline design of the NOH frees up valuable plant space.


Hydro-Thermal Anaerobic Digestion Heater Solutions


Combined with HTC’s NOH design and the process inputs given for the application, Hydro-Thermal has the optimal solution.

Digester Heating - Reclaimed heat with a pump

NOH Digester Heating w pump2d

Digester Preheating

Digester Recirculation Heating

NOH Digester Recirc Heating2d

Click here to learn more by reading our industrial wastewater case study 

Click below to watch a short informative video on the NOH heater

Industrial Pretreatment

Heating during industrial pretreatment is imperative to optimize separation, leading to an increase in oil yield. 

What does your plant need from a Pretreatment Heater? 

Maximize fats, oils, and grease (FOG) extraction while reducing or eliminating breaker chemicals

Hydro-Thermal's non-shear heater will heat the FOG waste stream to the optimal temperature to maximize oil extraction via a centrifuge, decanter, or tricanter process. With precise temperature control, oil yield (and ultimately revenue) can be increased. 

Optimizing oil extraction is governed by Stoke's Law. Several factors make up Stoke's Law. Using Hydro-Thermal's non-shear heater help decrease the viscosity and increase the relative density of the waste oil stream, resulting in increased yield. The added temperature enables a possible reduction in emulsion breaker chemical dosing.

Tank Heating

Easily and efficiently heats tanks on in-feed or in recirc mode (trim heat). We can heat the fluid going into the tank, re-circulate the tank to maintain a specific temperature, or leave the tank cold and heat the liquid exiting the tank, producing hot water on demand.

  • Click here to learn why tank heating is more efficient by utilizing a Hydroheater vs. a sparger.

PDF Resources

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   Industrial Pretreatment                         Heating Digester slurries                              Anaerobic digestion                       Wastewater whitepaper                     



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