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Seafood Starch Cooking using Direct Steam Injection

Up to 22% Starch Slurry

Flow Rate:
30 GPM [6.8 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
50°F [10°C]

Discharge Temperature:
195°F [91°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
100 PSIG [6.9 barg]





Seafood Starch Cooking

A seafood company that has been a major supplier of clams for over 25 years needed a heating solution with the flexibility to handle several different recipes while eliminating product waste and preventing tank burn-on. The end user was adding several recipes to their product line and needed a solution that could handle different operating conditions for food starch concentrations ranging from 0-22% (potato, corn, clear jell, and more). They have been using a Hydro-Thermal competitor’s direct steam injection heater but found it difficult to clean and maintain. This disrupted their production cycle and increased batch time.


Hydro-Thermal installed an A307 Sanitary Hydroheater® turn-key skid system to address plant expansion and new product lines. A culinary steam filter was also provided to ensure product quality and consumer safety by USDA regulations. The Sanitary Hydroheater is 3A certified and uses patented technology that produces sonic velocity steam through the nozzle, preventing product burn on and fouling of the heater.

The sea food producer is now able to process several different recipes using the same equipment and has reduced waste while improving quality of the end product.

Update: Plans to install additional Hydroheaters throughout their plant for continuous improvement and sustainability efforts.


• Eliminate product waste
• Prevent tank burn-on
• Ability to heat different operating conditions
• Decrease batch time


• Improved product quality and reduced waste
• Reduced cycle time
• Reduced maintenance costs and time


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