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Tomato Sauce Cooking using Direct Steam Injection

Tomato Sauce 

Flow Rate:
25-75 GPM [6 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
45°F [7°C]

Discharge Temperature:
195°F [91°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
120-130 PSIG [8-9 barg]

75,000 cP

Tomato Sauce Cooking

This tomato sauce producer was using a competitor’s 3-way steam valve heater with poor results. The unit had difficulty maintaining target temperatures, caused a loss of product due to burn-on, and consistently had issues with severe hammer and vibration. These issues caused concern over the piping’s integrity and added extra maintenance time and costs.



A Solaris® Hydroheater, designed for highly viscous fluids was installed and successfully replaced our competitor’s 3-way valve heater. The straight-through flow design of the process steam heater minimizes flow disturbances and enables instantaneous condensation of steam without vibration or noise.


• Eliminate safety concerns
• Reduce maintenance
• Maintain target temperature
• Improve product quality


• Installed Solaris Hydroheater
• Precise temperature control
• Eliminated safety concerns
• Minimized flow disturbances
• Enhanced product quality




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