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Petfood Meat Slurry Heating using Direct Steam Injection

Flow Rate:
100 GPM [23 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
32°F [0°C]

Discharge Temperature:
187°F [86°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
60 PSIG [4.1 barg]





Meat Slurry: Legacy Sparge System

A large pet food processor with headquarters in St. Louis, MO, USA, needed to replace a legacy sparge system used to cook meat slurry for its high level brand dog food. The old sparger cooking system did not hit proper temperature and, at times, could not hold the temperature for the needed time. This was a major issue as reaching proper temperature is important for a consistent and uniform cook. It was also plagued with burn on and plugging of the system, requiring constant shutdown to fix the problem.


Preceding 1995, this company purchased its first direct steam injection Hydroheaters for flavoring applications. Because they were pleased with the temperature control and low maintenance of the other units in the plant, they chose dual A210 Sanitary Hydroheater® systems for this mission critical meat slurry cooking application.

The dual Sanitary Hydroheater systems provided significant improvements for the plant by:

• Passing meat slurry through to be thawed, mixed and then uniformly cooked to a tight temperature control of ±1°F
• Constant up-time due to reliability and temperature control
• Meat slurry consistency is maintained and no plugging occurs


• Hit and hold proper temperature
• Achieve a consistent and uniform cook
• Eliminate burn-on and plugging


• Achieved uniform cook
• Tight temperature control
• No plugging or burn-on
• Low maintenance


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