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Petfood Gravy Cooking using direct steam injection

Flow Rate:
155 GPM [35 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
40°F [4°C]

Discharge Temperature:
180°F [82°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
120 PSIG [8.3 barg]






Gravy Cooking: Sparge System

A global pet food company, established in 1939, needed to replace a legacy sparge system used to the cook gravy for canned dog food. The company is dedicated to animal nutrition and healthcare and they continue nutritional research and innovation today. Sustainability is also a main focus of this company as they focus on respect for people, performance and planet.

The proper cook for this gravy recipe was to consistently and uniformly cook the gravy by bringing it quickly to the proper temperature and holding temperature for a specific period of time. The old tank system had trouble holding temperature. Steam vibration was also a major issue that caused equipment damage and down-time for maintenance.


The company chose an ATTEC® Sanitary Hydroheater® skid featuring an A210, 3A certified direct steam heater. The heater features standard tri-clamp connections that make CIP of the unit quick and convenient.

The consistent, uniform cook of the product is now held to within ±1°F keeping product quality at the company’s high standards. Stable operation is consistent with no hammering and equipment damage. Down-time is no longer an issue.


• Achieve a consistent and uniform cook
• Maintain proper temperature control
• Eliminate steam vibration
• Reduce maintenance due to equipment damage and downtime


• Improved product quality with consistent, uniform cook
• Precise temperature control
• Stable operation
• No hammering or equipment damage
• Eliminated unscheduled downtime


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