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Whitewater Heating for Improved Paper Machine Performance


With direct steam injection technology, paper producers can heat the whitewater loop using plant or waste steam including the silo, whitewater chest, or the whitewater storage tank. Otherwise, producers can heat other water uses on the paper machine to match the whitewater temperature including headbox rolls, wire showers, and press section showers.

At the heart of the application is the Industrial Hydroheater design that uses high velocity steam injection for heating of the whitewater, but also creates the pumping of an eductor. This Venturi effect will provide a self-recirculating flow of whitewater through the Hydroheater and pump it back into the silo or chest. Relatively low pressure steam (35 psig or greater) can be used for heating your whitewater, efficiently capturing this energy that may otherwise be vented as waste steam.

Case Study

Paper Machine - Whitewater Heating

An upper Midwest, USA, specialty paper mill, that has been in business for over 125 years, needed to heat whitewater and fresh water tanks for paper machines that make multiple grade changes each day.

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