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Textiles: Carpet Manufacturing using Direct Steam Injection

Flow Rate:
200 GPM [55 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
50˚F [10˚C]

Discharge Temperature:
110˚F [43˚C]

        Water Supply Pressure:
        85 psig [5.9 barg]

Steam Supply Pressure:
100 psig [6.9 barg]


Textiles: Carpet Manufacturing

A carpet manufacturing facility wanted to replace the current heat exchanger with a better water heating solution for their wash box station. They were looking for: energy efficiency, better temperature control, and better turndown control and capabilities.


Hydro-Thermal’s EZ Heater® model H2030 with a Large (L) diffuser was installed to successfully adhere to each of the specifications desired. The customer has realized the inherent advantages of its design with:

• Easy installation and replacement of technologies
• 28% more efficient than the heat exchanger
• Instantaneous hot water on demand at exact temperature
• Excellent turndown control and capabilities
• Patented self-cleaning design to prevent scaling and fouling


• Increase efficiency
• Precise temperature control
• Improve turndown control and capabilities


• 28% more efficient
• Instantaneous exact temperature control
• Lower maintenance
• Excellent turndown



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