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Railcar Unloading - Sodium Chlorate using Direct Steam Injection

Flow Rate:
Up to 1200 GPM [273 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
30°F [-1°C]

Discharge Temperature:
190°F [88°C]

Steam Supply Pressure:
60 PSIG [4 barg]














Railcar Unloading: Sodium Chlorate

A major pulp and paper company needed to unload rail cars filled with sodium chlorate using tempered water to dissolve the NaClO3 and create the proper solution strength. They use an elemental chlorine-free process for bleaching in their pulp mills. Traditional ECF replaces elemental chlorine with chlorine dioxide in the bleaching process.

10-20% of the product can remain undissolved in railcars and then returned to the chemical manufacturer if the water is not at the proper temperature. This company wanted to improve their railcar unloading process by eliminating loss of product due to inconsistent temperature control. They also had to maintain safety restrictions derived from the highly corrosive and hazardous material.


The solution was to use a K414AS series Hydroheater® with a 316 body, 2205 duplex head (high nickel alloy) and a titanium stem plug. It now dissolves the NaClO3 with precise and consistent 190°F hot water. The Hydroheater replaced competitive direct steam injection heaters that cost significantly more to maintain due to the entire unit being unnecessarily cast in titanium.

A railcar carries $50,000-$60,000 of NaClO3. This pulp mill goes through 1 railcar/day and they have been saving an estimated 10% of $50,000 ($5,000) a day, or $30,000 a week. With the cost of the K414AS, they averaged a two-week Return on Investment (ROI).


Improve Your ROI During Sodium Chlorate Car Unloading

Hydro-Thermal’s direct steam injection products can help you get a larger ROI. Our jet cookers can help achieve precise temp controls & eliminate your sodium chlorate loss. Fill out a request for a jet cooker quote forum to improve your railcar unloading ROI today.



• Precise temperature control
• Eliminate product loss
• Improve workplace safety


• Precise temperature control
• Reduced maintenance time and costs
• Eliminated product loss
• Improved safety
• Two week ROI

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