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Point of Use - Beef Feet using Direct Steam Injection

Flow Rate:
0-75 GPM [0-17 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
140°F [60°C]

Discharge Temperature:
160°F [71°C]

Water Pressure:
50 PSIG [3.4 barg]

Steam Supply Pressure:
120 PSIG [8.3 barg]

Point-of-Use: Beef Feet

This large Midwest beef processing plant needed to maintain precise temperature control at a point-of-use hot water station for beef feet cleaning (a CCP - critical control point). As the final product is for human consumption, beef feet cleaning must reach and maintain proper temperature per USDA requirements. If 160°F [71°C] is not met, this will result in a loss of product, time, and energy.


Hydro-Thermal® replaced (3) Emech mixing valves with an H2015 EZ Skid™ system dedicated to the beef feet point-of-use station. By adding this system, the plant was able to lower its central hot water system set-point from 160°F [71°C] to 140°F [60°C].

By replacing their valves with the EZ Skid™, the processing plant saved on energy, time, maintenance and ensured product quality with an estimated $42,000/yr in energy savings.


• Maintain precise temperature control
• Decrease batch time
• Enhance product quality


• Lowered set-point temperature
• 6 month ROI
• Simplified the point-of-use process
• Reduced maintenance to a once a year check


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