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side view explosionThe ammunition facility enlisted Hydro-Thermal to design a customized skidded system tailored to their needs, including explosion-proof equipment. Our certified Engineering and Assembly teams collaborated closely to ensure all elements met the facility's stringent standards. This involved the complex task of creating robust housing for the controls and integrating specialized XP instrumentation, which necessitated the expertise of a licensed electrician with XP endorsements for wiring. Due to these requirements, we subcontracted the wiring, which included installing a specialized neoprene-coated conduit.

The system is intended for environments where specific gases and flammable dust are common. Therefore, every component on the skid, including the panel, instrumentation, and wiring, was carefully chosen for its explosion-proof rating. The panel, made of cast aluminum, includes special switches and gaskets to prevent the entry of gases and dust from the facility and to withstand explosions if they occur. Similarly, the skid components, such as the flow switch, temperature transmitters, steam on/off valve, and heater positioner, were selected for their explosion-proof qualities.

The wiring method is also tailored for use in an explosive environment, with seals containing a sealing compound that prevents explosive gases or dust from infiltrating the connections.


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