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The Hydro-Thermal Sales Team recently came together to celebrate their 2021 performance. During the dinner, Sean Fulton, Vice President of Sales, acknowledged several employees with the 100+ Award, which recognizes sales team members who exceeded personal and team goals set for the year. It is usually a team award given in pairs, earned by both the Industrial Sales Manager (ISM) and their fellow Inside Sales Representative (ISR).

The following are 100+ Award recipients from this past year: Joel Gerstner (ISM) and Maggie Bergmann (ISR) from our Ethanol, Starch, and Sweeteners Team, Paul Garcia (ISM) and Tommy Schubert (ISR) from our Food & Beverage Team, and Clark Conley (ISM) and Dean Wentz (ISR) for our Industrial Team. Maggie Bergmann was also honored for her contributions to our sister company, Wizard Drum Tool.


Hydro-Thermal would like to congratulate all Sales members that we recognized for their outstanding year in 2021. 


100+ Award 

Joel Gerstner (ISM)

Maggie Bergmann (ISR)

Paul Garcia (ISM)    

Tommy Schubert (ISR)

Clark Conley (ISM)

Dean Wentz (ISR)

Maggie Bergmann - Wizard


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