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Water heating is the most common industrial need in today's manufacturing. Whether used for processing food, metal, or pulp and paper, water needs to be heated. However, heating water often becomes a challenge, especially when outdoor temperatures lower. The outlet fluid must be heated to a precise temperature to run the process correctly and preserve product quality, so winterizing your operation may be required when the ambient inlet water temperature is lowered. Hydro-Thermal gives significant process heating capacity, even under these extreme conditions with instantaneous on-demand heating, faster startups, and reduced downtime.


The Hydro-Thermal Reliability Advantage

Manufacturers have several heating options including indirect heating methods such as heat exchangers and direct heating methods like Hydro-Thermal's DSI. Heat exchangers utilize a heat transfer barrier that heats water needing more energy and response time, especially as the ambient K610 close 0001 Largetemperature declines. Hydro-Thermal's Hydroheater does not have a barrier and can respond instantly to temperature control. As a result, there is little lag time for temperature changes.


Instantaneous Heat on Demand

Because of the lack of lag time with DSI heating, the fluid temperature will change immediately with changes in the regulated steam flow. Therefore, direct steam injection heaters can be regulated as fast and precisely as the control loop can measure and respond to changes in temperature. This instant transfer of heat provides two main advantages of direct steam injection: precise temperature control and energy efficiency. More than 20 percent of steam's energy can be present as sensible heat. Because it uses both the latent and sensible heat of the steam, a direct steam injection heater requires less steam flow for a given process than indirect heating methods. In addition, condensate return is not needed because all the steam's energy is transferred to the process.


Faster Startups

Hydro-Thermal enables timely startups as needed, between production runs, or enhances emergency preparedness when restarting a process after an outage. This is because of the instantaneous heating that a Hydro-Thermal heating system enables for faster startup. Production can continue seamlessly instead of waiting for a heat exchanger or another non-sophisticated heating method to elevate the outlet fluid to the correct temperature.


Reduced Downtime

Hydro-Thermal heating systems require little downtime for installation. Its small footprint is installed directly into the existing system piping. Also, their robust design and product quality provide reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements. They also offer a highly mixed, homogenous temperature profile. As a result, condensation occurs within the heater, minimizing the potential for it in the downstream piping - eliminating hammer compared with less complex steam sparging configurations, which can cause problems down the road with maintenance.


Hydro-Thermal Solves Heating Challenge

Hydro-Thermal's customized skid was selected to replace two sizable hot process softener tanks inside a feedwater plant in a recent application installation. The previous system had many challenges associated with its age and other equipment in the process. In addition, the source of the inlet water was a lake with a range of input temperature from 34° F to 65° F (1°C to 18°C). The Hydro-Thermal unit heated the water to approximately 70° F (21°C) no matter the input temperature, allowing continuous operation even during winter months. The Process Manager of Power Stations Operations at the manufacturer was pleased with the efficiency that Hydro-Thermal's skid brings to their operation, stating:


"Hydro-Thermal's equipment/technology has made our process more efficient by allowing us to utilize our own in-house steam generated by our boilers to warm the makeup water we feed back into the boilers to make the very steam we reuse to warm the water. In essence, we are continually using the same water/steam, making the system as efficient as possible."



Water heating is a straightforward application for direct steam injection. The Hydro-Thermal line of heaters is an intelligent choice in any application requiring a precise output temperature. In these applications where inlet temperature can fluctuate, it's best to consult with one of Hydro-Thermal's team of specialists to ensure the best results.


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