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Altering the production or recipe of an end-use product is an important decision for a company, as many factors ensure that the new solution exceeds their current product. Hydro-Thermal's test facility allows just that. Our try before you buy a heater and testing programs can compare different process conditions or recipes to ensure that what is produced is the most desirable product that fulfills product quality criteria, such as yield, performance, color, taste, and texture.


Try before you Buy

You don't buy a car before taking it for a test drive, and we don't expect you to do that when purchasing a Hydro-Thermal heater or system. Our lab testing facility allows testing our equipment before purchasing, which will help leave the impression that our product is the best solution for fluid process needs.

For many companies, the end product needs to be exact every time — the slightest change in heat while in production can ruin it, which is where the lab comes in. A dedicated team of engineers addresses all needs before, during, and after the trial. They work with the company every step to ensure that the process goes smoothly as they work on mirroring the exact process fluid heating needs of the end product.

Hydro-Thermal understands the importance of confidentiality and has non-disclosure agreements available to ensure that your recipes and products are protected. We will also take care of the proper waste disposal, allowing you to focus on the lab results

After purchase, our engineering staff can organize a training section with employees to go over the lab and operational results of the test and maintenance of the Hydro-Thermal equipment in the in-house lab. Therefore, employees will be more knowledgeable to work with the equipment to reproduce the lab results when working at the production facility.


Test new recipes and keep samples for further analysis

Instead of using valuable production time trying a new product at a facility, we can complete a small-scale trial at Hydro-Thermal to ensure that your unique recipe is ready for larger-scale production.

The lab has access to the entire Hydro-Thermal product line, including Hydroheaters, EZ Heater Skids, and SilverLine, as well as different pumps, a 40 gallon jacketed kettle with an agitator, and a 250 gallon tank. The variety in lab equipment makes it easier to run tests in many industries. For example, potential tests we can run include starch conversion and yield, pulp stock, protein slurries, sauces (starch and tomato-based, including large particulate products such as salsa), meat slurry, or soups and broth, to name a few.

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Hydro-Thermal provides all samples processed during the trial, allowing further testing to be completed at their own facility. This will enable comparing the current product to the test product utilizing Hydro-Thermal's equipment. In addition, a test report can be provided showing process conditions during the trial, so you can duplicate the results in your own facility.



Investing in the latest technology for a facility process heating shouldn't be a difficult decision. Hydro-Thermal in-house lab testing facility gives customers peace of mind. Our engineers work with companies to help demonstrate that our product is the best solution for their fluid heating process. This ensures that process conditions or recipes produced are the most desirable product that fulfills product quality criteria: yield, performance, color, taste, and texture.

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Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of Hydroheaters. Through our vast global channel partners, we support hydro heating in six continents and all industrialized areas. We create heating systems for a variety of industries including: pulp, paper, chemical, ethanol, food & beverage, metal, & more!

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