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Are you looking to improve product safety and productivity while reducing energy and product waste? Then look no further than Hydro-Thermal's proven Direct Steam Injection (DSI) fluid heating systems.

DSI heaters can be used throughout pet food facilities, from on-demand hot water for sanitation and washdown to consistent and uniform single pass cooking with no burn on or plugging. Hydro-Thermal knows that eliminating batch variation and optimizing a persistent product with a reliable, smooth process during production can improve the quality of the product while optimizing its process.

Below are five areas where Hydro-Thermal's heating system controls the taste profile, ensuring all food safety elements are met while providing crucial energy savings.


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  1. Ground Meat/By-Product Heating and Mixing
  2. Raw Materials Heating and Mixing (Cereals/Grains, Vitamins/Minerals)
  3. Dye/Color Injection Systems
  4. Extruder
  5. In-Line Flavor Injection System
  6. Conveyor Cleaning/Spray Bar
  7. Sanitation/Canning Process


Meat Slurry/ Heating Mix and Hold Tank Heating

The versatility of DSI heaters is what puts us above other heating systems like heat exchangers. DSI heaters can either cook thoroughly inline or cook to a stage of completeness like parboiling, emersion cooking, or tank heating – all depending on the product's recipe. By precisely and accurately controlling the cooking temperature, cooking the slurry to a safe 160°F (71°C) will avoid product burn and reserving flavor.

DSI heaters have no hot surfaces where burn-on can occur. As a result, no special tools are required to maintain a DSI heater, which helps minimize downtime. Hydro-Thermal's DSI heaters can be implemented in sanitary (3A ingredient water) and utility areas of the cooking process, highlighting its full range of capabilities.

Inline Flavor System

Another area in which Hydro-Thermal significantly impacts is the inline flavor system. Our efficiencies in the inline flavor process allow us to flavor your pet food in a spray process that provides a cost-effective way to give the consumers a recognized and repeatable taste.

Dye/Color Injection Systems

Numerous pet food processors have also utilized our product in their dye color kitchen. To produce the correct pet food color, processors use the Hydron, Hydro-Thermal's sanitary solution, for heating the dye mixture. The accurate temperature control ensures consistent formulations for quality and consistency. Likewise, the precise temperature control of the DSI heaters ensures consistent recipes for quality and consistency.

Starches and Gravy Cooking

Hydro-Thermal accurately controls shear and temperature for starches to achieve perfect viscosity and yield. As a result, the starch process is efficient and repeatable, meeting all quality standards.

Water and Cleaning Applications

Hydro-Thermal is known for its water and cleaning applications in all industries. The EZ Heater and EZ Heater Skids are the industry trailblazer in all things hot water. They require minimal maintenance and easy insulation to connect directly into the plant utilities.

Hydro-Thermal has the most precise and controlled solution on the market, ranging from hose stations and CIP (Clean in Place) to tank heating and central hot water station applications. Replace multiple heating stations and mix ing T's with just one central EZ Skid system for your existing main hot water, removing the need for steam piping to each hose drop. This eliminates employees' exposure to hot steam and leaking equipment from faulty hose stations. Unlike other heating systems, our central heating systems optimize your operation by providing consistent flow rates and precisely heated water. What is great about our DSI heaters is that there is no lag time, resulting in on-demand hot water all the time. No lag time is what you want for cleaning/washdown and sanitation at the desired temperature during production or plant wash down anytime.

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Hydro-Thermal knows that consistent, good-tasting pet food that alleviates food safety concerns is your #1 priority. Our proven technology reaches the proper temperature for a consistent and uniform cooking process in a single pass. We can make this a continuous, smooth process by heating/cooking ground product to final temperature, eliminating batch variation, and optimizing consistent quality. When optimized, there is no burn on or plugging of the system, resulting in less maintenance and cleaning time. There is never a better time to see how a Hydro-Thermal heating system could improve pet food production. For more information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (800) 952-0121.

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Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of Hydroheaters. Through our vast global channel partners, we support hydro heating in six continents and all industrialized areas. We create heating systems for a variety of industries including: pulp, paper, chemical, ethanol, food & beverage, metal, & more!

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