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Consumer trust hinges on the cleanliness and quality of the food they are purchasing, and any concerns can have potentially disastrous impacts on both their health and the reputations of food producers. Producers need to do everything they can to ensure that products are free from harmful microorganisms and meet the needs of their customers, and achieving this delicate balance Can be challenging.

While heating technologies have transformed the food processing landscape, Direct Steam Injection (DSI), which offers substantial advantages over conventional heat exchangers, can help ensure food safety and extend shelf life, creating a better product.

Advantages of DSI - Extending Shelf Life:

Hydro-Thermal's DSI technology plays a pivotal role in food safety. Our technology's precise temperature control (+/- 1°) is instrumental in eradicating harmful microorganisms and preserving overall food quality and freshness.

Ensuring products are only exposed to the correct temperatures required for pasteurization eliminates spoilage microorganisms and enzymes. This results in food products with an extended shelf life, reducing waste and ensuring consumers consistently receive high-quality, safe, and wholesome products.

Temperature Control in Can Topping

Temperature control is also crucial in the canning industry, where topping off cans/jars with a brine or water solution can expose food to unwanted contaminants. With E. coli and bacterial contamination recalls causing concerns for customers and producers, integrating DSI technology into the canning process can help – especially with our EZ Heater®.

EZ Heater Advantages in Water Heating:ez skid

  • Precise Temperature Control: The EZ Heater excels in maintaining precise temperatures, a crucial part of the canning process, where specific temperatures are essential for sanitation and pasteurization.
  • Efficient Steam Utilization: By utilizing the full steam pressure from a boiler, the EZ Heater maximizes steam efficiency, ensuring optimal use for heating water and creating brine solutions.
  • Safety Regulations: The high-velocity combination of steam and water at sonic velocity guarantees a rapid and consistent heating process, meeting the stringent demands of FDA-regulated canning processes.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The self-cleaning technology integrated into the EZ Heater eliminates frequent maintenance, ensuring consistent and quiet operation while helping create long-term cost savings and operational efficiency.

Consistency and Peace of Mind:

Peace of mind comes standard in every product Hydro-Thermal offer, including products that food processors integrate into their process. Consistency in product safety is not just a goal but a requirement, and the capacity of our DSI technology to repeatedly deliver precise temperature control exceeds expectations. Food processors can trust that every batch is treated with the same care and precision, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring product uniformity.


Consistent product quality and safety instill confidence in consumers, and DSI technology helps ensure that for food producers. The industry-leading benefits of DSI, like product versatility, enhanced product safety, and cost savings, showcase its pivotal role in ensuring consistent quality and safety.

DSI technology also helps improve the shelf life of food products, as its uniform heating and precise temperature control have created a positive shift in food production. As an accurate and flexible solution, DSI meets stringent safety requirements and offers food processors the peace of mind that every batch is treated with meticulous care and consistency.


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