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Industrial Starch Cooking Process

Improving wet end starch for sheet strength, optimizing size press performance, and enhancing coating starch efficiency are a few of the many challenges in starch cooking in paper making.

Through our proven and original Jetcooker™ technology, combined with instantaneous gelatinization of starch, optimized adjustable shear, and precise temperature control, any production issues can become a thing of the past.

Our patented starch cooking solutions use steam to deliver instantaneous heating and consistent cook temperature while effectively providing adjustable shear in any installation. For more information on our advanced direct steam injection technology, click here.

Utilizing Direct Steam Injection in ATTEC® Starch Cooking Systems

Incorporating original Jetcooker™ technology will streamline production flow, increase output, and optimize adjustable shear capabilities.

From starch makedown through cooked starch storage tanks, Hydro-Thermal has the right tools and technology to improve your processing needs. Our ATTEC® starch cooking systems are implemented in over 100 instances all across the country, proving our expertise in industrial starch cooking.


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Stage 1 screenshotStarch Makedown System

  • Automated starch metering to required percent solids concentration
  • Batch to continuous makedown is integrated into the starch cooking system

Stage 2A screenshotStarch Cooking System

  • Direct steam injection (Jetcooker™) technology precisely controls shear and temperature, providing optimal starch yield
  • Consistently cooked starch with uniform viscosity enables optimal sheet quality
  • Custom-designed ATTEC® skids enable integrated starch cooking process flow, from make down to storage

ICS Screenshot final final            Integrated Control System

  • Integrated controls adjust cooking parameters to accommodate variable formulations
  • Controls package for either the base starch cooking system or comprehensive starch conversion process
  • Continuous or semi-batch, warm-up, cooking and flush cycles
  • Fully compatible with plant DCS

Stage 3 screenshot        Cooked Starch Handling

  • Heat recovery provides maximum efficiency and minimal energy usage
  • Controlled dilution to precise percentage of solids and storage temperature

Hydro-Thermal Industrial Starch Cooking Benefits

The type of heater or system you need is dependent on how it will be used. No matter what your application, Hydro-Thermal has the solution for every application in the industrial starch cooking production process.

All of our heaters share unique benefits, including internal modulation and self cleaning ability.

Here is what makes our Jetcooker solution unique:

Original® Jetcooker

  • Standard starch cooking volume capability: flow rates from 2-200+ GPM [45 m3/hr]
  • Precise temperature control ±1°F [±0.5°C]
  • Adjustable pressure drop to control shear (high or low)
  • Internally modulated steam control, resulting in stable operations at high cooking temperatures
  • High solids capability
  • Standard sizes from 3/4" to 2-1/2"

Industrial Starch Cooking System Troubleshooting Guide

Are you experiencing issues with your industrial starch cooking system?
Inconsistent cooking temperature? Uncooked starch? Pressure Spikes? Excessive Vibration?

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Starch Industry Overview           Industrial Hydroheater Overview            Direct Steam Injection Overview

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