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Slaker Heating With Precision Green Liquor Heating



What is Green Liquor in Paper Industry?

Green liquor found in the paper industry is the dissolved smelt found in the recovery boiler during the kraft process. This is a combination of sodium carbonate, sodium sulfide, and other components. It gets its name from its appearance of green that appears due to the small amount of iron hydroxide that is in the liquid.


Green Liquor in Kraft Pulping Process

Green liquor is part of the Kraft pulping recovery process. Pulp producers have several technology options when determining how they want to heat their green liquor: A Hydro-Thermal Industrial Hydroheater, sparging, a shell and tube heat exchanger, or doing nothing at all. If a producer chooses to not heat their green liquor, then they are most likely experiencing uncontrolled temperature or their liquor may already be too hot for the slaker.


How Hydroheaters Give Precision Green Liquor Heating

The Hydro-Thermal Industrial Hydroheater is the preferred technology for many pulp processors because it has several key benefits:

  • Precise temperature control to the slaker
  • Improves slaker/causticizer efficiency
  • Efficient lime use resulting in an improved conversion rate
  • Reduces dusting at the lime kiln
  • The heating is done in-line just prior to the slaker which heats 100% of process flow.

Green Liquor Heating Case Study

Recausticizing: Dual Causticizing Lines

A bleached paper and board mill in North Carolina, USA, needed to provide consistent green liquor temperature to two causticizing lines in the recovery process. The mill operates two causticizing and lime kiln lines and heats green liquor to each line. Precise temperature control of the green liquor to the slaker is crucial to a smooth operation.

To learn which direct steam injection solution they choose, head over to our Green Liquor - Dual Causticizing Lines Case Study

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