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Hydro-Thermal Corporation Opens First Office Abroad


Waukesha-based Hydro-Thermal Corporation opened their first international office in Lyon, France in 2018.

Establishing an office in France was done as another move to better serve our European customers. By expanding our resources in Europe, Hydro-Thermal offers an even more direct link that can be more responsive to our customers.

The plan is to ultimately grow the branch of Hydro-Thermal in Lyon. We not only want to have sales staff, but also have manufacturing, engineering, and all other critical departments on site. This will drastically cut wait times for our customers and also diminish wait times due to customs.

In 2000, Hydro-Thermal Corporation focused on the United States market. By 2011, we cultivated our international opportunities and had customers in 45 countries. Today, we have customers in 86 countries around the globe.

Hydro-Thermal utilizes a global network comprised of channel partners that work on either a commission basis or a buy/resale arrangement. In 2000 there were only a few channel partners located in Europe and Asia. Now Hydro-Thermal has more than 25 international representatives covering more than 85 countries, on every continent, except Antarctica. The countries include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and more. Since 2014, five new international channel partners were added.

The Lyon, France office is the fifth expansion for Hydro-Thermal since the 1995 move to the current headquarters at 400 Pilot Court in Waukesha. With each expansion, the company further transitioned toward a more innovative workspace, bringing down walls to facilitate culture and collaboration, and making design decisions that facilitate creative flow.

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Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of Hydroheaters. Through our vast global channel partners, we support hydro heating in six continents and all industrialized areas. We create heating systems for a variety of industries including: pulp, paper, chemical, ethanol, food & beverage, metal, & more!

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