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Jacketed Reactor Temperature Control


Circulation Rate:
125 GPM [28 m³/hr]

Initial Batch Temperature:
50-80°F [10-27°C]

Max. Batch Temperature:
to 190°F [88°C]

Jacket Water Temperature:
to 310°F [154°C]

Temperature Rise per Pass:

Steam Supply Pressure:
100 PSIG [6.9 barg] at 338°F [170°C]







Jacketed Reactor Temperature Control

A contract specialty chemical manufacturer required a heater that would precisely control the temperature of the jacket water for a 2000 gallon glass-lined reactor. This particular vessel is used to produce a variety of products the company manufactures. For this reason, the tempered water loop is required to provide complete control flexibility while maintaining precise temperature limits. Due to a previous circumstance, the company was very sensitive to eliminating the potential for thermal shock to the glass lining.


The internal modulation of steam of the K410AD Hydroheater® provides precise control of temperature and complete range ability while eliminating steam hammer and instability. It operates smoothly over a wide range of heating requirements encountered with batch reactors and is installed as the final control element in the tempered water loop, instantly responding to temperature needs for heating or cooling. The precise control the Hydroheater affords over jacket temperature eliminates the potential for damage to the glass lining from thermal shock. Maintaining a liquid phase in the vessel jacket throughout the entire batch cycle ensures a quick response to batch requirements as well as simplifies the design, installation and tuning of the system.

The tempered water loop was installed with a Hydroheater in accordance with Hydro-Thermal’s recommendations. Precise control of batch temperature within 1°F has been accomplished without the problems of overshoot. Exothermic reactions are precisely controlled and damage to temperature sensitive batches has been eliminated.


If you are looking for a new precise method to provide precision jacketed reactor heating, fill out our Hydroheater quote form today.



• Meet temperature rise requirements
• Complete control flexibility
• Eliminate potential of thermal shock to glass lining


• Installed K410AD Hydroheater
• Precise temperature control
• Eliminated hammer and instability
• Eliminated chance of damage to glass lining


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