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Chemical holding tank heating using direct steam injection


Flow Rates:
50 GPM [11 m³/hr]

Initial Temperature:
33°F [1°C]

Outlet Temperature:
75°F [24°C]

Steam Pressure:
324 PSIG [22 barg]










Precise temperature controlled chemical holding tank

This plant is located in the southern USA where it is warm for the majority of the year. During the short winter, heaters are needed to heat water and maintain a constant temperature in three outdoor holding tanks. Two of the holding tanks contain acrylic acids and the other contains acrylamide acid. If these chemicals are not kept at a constant temperature they can freeze and the thawing process could be hazardous or ruin the product. In order to ensure the safety of their employees and maintain a quality product, the M108 Hydroheaters company needed a dependable heater that would keep constant temperature. Since 1993, the company has been using three Hydroheaters (one for each holding tank), but after several years of worry-free operation, the heaters needed maintenance due to wear.


The company decided to purchase three M108 Hydroheaters instead of rebuilding their old units. The application was critical so the company decided it was better to replace the heaters instead of risking their employee's safety and ruining the product. The chemical company is happy with the precise temperature control and minimal maintenance, which is why they decided to repurchase heaters from Hydro-Thermal. The chemical company is also now aware that yearly maintenance is recommended on all heaters so that they continue working effectively and efficiently. The install went smoothly and the company is anticipating the winter months when they get to turn on the new heaters.

Looking for Chemical Holding Tank Heating Systems?

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• Maintain constant temperature in outdoor climate
• Maintain product quality


• Installed (3) M108 Hydroheaters
• Precise temperature control
• New installs eliminated safety risk to employees
• Maintained product quality 
• Minimal maintenance


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