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Maintain 160°F Mash Temperature in Beer Columnssolaris.dropshadow

 Do you struggle with maintaining mash temperature going into the beer column? Many ethanol producers struggle with achieving their ideal 155°F-160°F especially in the winter months. With winter right around the corner, be prepared for the cold and ensure that you always reach a precise and accurate temperature regardless of how cold it is outside.

A non-shear Solaris heater is strategically placed after the beer well and beer mash exchangers but before the beer column to maximize the heating benefits.

Beyond precise temperature control, the Solaris heater also:

  • Improves efficiency in distillation
  • Reduces steam usage through evaporation and the sieve vaporizer
  • Allows the plant to run longer on the beer mash exchangers before needing to CIP that results in a reduction in chemical usage

Each Solaris is custom designed and built based on the plant’s specifications. A dedicated team of steam and industry experts will work through the entire process to ensure that the plant’s steam is optimized to perform to the producer’s requirements.

Learn more about how our non-shear Solaris Heater can handle viscous slurries for a variety of different industries.

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