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Lime Slaker Heating using Direct Steam Injection

Flow Rates:
80-110 GPM [22-30 m³/hr]

Inlet Temperature:
33-75°F [1-24°C]

Discharge Temperature:
80-95°F [27-35°C]

Target Mix Temperature:
60°F [16°C]

Water Inlet Pressure:
135 PSIG [9.3 barg]

Lime Slaker Heating

Maintain Perficient Lime Slaking Temperatures


Unexpected shutdowns or inconsistent lime slaking temperatures can cost more than just money. When using heat exchangers or steam sparging systems to slake your lime, you can be met with inconsistent results and steam hammering due to inefficient heating. 

Reduce cycle times, maintain optimal temperatures and save on energy costs when switching your current lime slacker equipment to include a direct steam injection hydroheater. 


Real Life Case Study: Improved Lime Slacking With Hydroheater

A power plant needed to improve the lime slaking heating process for flue gas desulphurization and cleaning. A power plant was looking to improve their lime slaking process for flue gas desulphurization and cleaning. They needed to: instantly meet and maintain precise temperature control for proper mixing of slurry, increase production with reduced cycle times, and reduce energy costs.


Hydro-Thermal’s EZ Heater model H2020 EHS System was installed in this facility for the lime slaker water heating process. Installation of the hydroheater has proven the inherent advantages of its design with: better product quality with precise temperature control, instantaneous hot water on demand with adjustable flow rates, increased production time due to faster product heating, 28% time and energy savings compared to previous heating technologies.


• Precise lime slaking temperature control
• Reduce cycle times
• Reduce energy costs


• Precise temperature control
• Hot water on demand
• Increased production
• 28% more time and energy savings


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