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Is your Plant Ready for Winter? Check out our Heating Checklist…Hydroheater spareparts print

Temperatures are dropping – is your ethanol plant prepared for the winter?

 Often times, plants focus on spring or fall shutdowns, but did you realize that prep work may be needed for winter as well?

In winter, heating can be even more challenging. If exact temperatures aren’t met, then you may face a decrease in yield and energy efficiency. Some plants increase their targeted equipment temperatures, which can ultimately cause an increase in your plant's energy bill.

Hydro-Thermal’s Jetcooker is able to meet exact temperature regardless of how cold it gets outside. In addition, we are 15-30% more energy efficient over heat exchangers and spargers.

With this in mind, what do you need to do to prepare for the winter?

1. Review inventory

If you haven’t had preventative maintenance on your Jetcooker in the last 6 months, consider purchasing spare parts. Otherwise, have one of our service technician come to your facility for a full evaluation. For more on our aftermarket options – click here.

The Jetcooker was designed to perform at optimal levels to ensure the tightest temperature control possible. If you ignore annual maintenance, then you may not be achieving +/-1 degree F that our heaters were designed for. Even being off by +/- 5 degree F could cost you thousands in energy and yield. Ultimately, do you want to spend hundreds and have peace of mind that your heater is working or spend thousands if your plant went down?

2. Complete a heating audit

Go through your entire plant and see what areas utilize heating currently. Take a quick inventory of how reliable the heating is in terms of precise and exact temperature. We recommend doing this now before the snow starts falling.

Are there any areas that are lacking? Hydro-Thermal offers heating solutions throughout your facility to ensure your plant runs efficiently.

Our latest application is heating in the beer column which can be especially challenging in the winter.

Otherwise, have you ever considered heating corn oil? Our Solaris heater will help you reach minimum feed tag specifications, reduce or eliminate emulsion chemicals, increase corn oil production, and ultimately increase revenue.

3. Complete an energy audit

This step is similar to a heating inventory but it is specifically related to energy savings.

Do you know where the biggest energy pitfalls are at your facility? Often times, open tanks with spargers have steam escaping out of the top leading to a larger energy bill.

If you have never done an energy audit before, contact Hydro-Thermal and our steam experts will come out to your facility and walk you through the steps. Ultimately, we want to ensure that you are utilizing the steam in the tank down the line instead of letting it evaporate into the air.

For more information on the inefficiencies of spargers, click here.

After completing these steps, you can relax knowing that your plant is winter ready. Contact Hydro-Thermal during your audit process to ensure production and process efficiency.


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