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Using the JetCooker for Optimal Yieldstarch2

The Hydroheater (or JetCooker) has been a part of slurry mashing heating for the past thirty years. Although it is a staple at many ethanol facilities, some facilities haven’t fully optimized their Hydroheater. If you aren’t taking the time to find your ideal inlet temperature and differential pressure, than you might be missing out on additional yield later on in your process. 

Please note that the suggestions below are based on a typical facility. You may need to adjust the conditions in order to achieve your ideal production results. 

Optimal Hydroheater Inlet Temperature Set Point

Determining your optimal inlet temperature is dependent on a lot of factors. Specifically, your feedstock and enzyme supplier will play a part in your ideal temperature. 

Typically, 100% whole kernel corn has an ideal inlet temperature of 210-215°F. If you are using a blended feedstock, then you should set the temperature a little higher – around 220-225°F. It is important to consult with your enzyme supplier to determine what they consider ideal or optimal temperature set points that are based on your plants specific operating conditions.

Differential Pressure Recommendations

Differential pressure is also dependent on your feedstock. Typically, 100% whole kernel corn has an ideal differential pressure of 40 psi, while a blended feedstock has a slightly higher ideal differential pressure of 45 psi. Again it is suggested or recommended that you consult your enzyme supplier to determine what they consider ideal or optimal for determining the ideal differential pressure set point based on your plants specific operating conditions. 

Achieving the right differential pressure has many benefits including:

  • Taking advantage of the full benefits of the Hydroheater performance
  • Steam efficiency
  • Enzyme efficiency
  • Shear optimization

Understanding Abrasiveness

A maintained JetCooker will continue working at optimal levels allowing you to achieve precise temperature control (and ultimately an optimal yield later in your process).

With that in mind, you should know how abrasive your mash is. It is the driving factor in how often you should rebuild (and even replace) your Hydroheater. Abrasive materials can wear away at parts over time which will affect the efficiency of the heater. Therefore, annual maintenance on your heater is essential. For more information about the various maintenance options, click here.

Are you concerned about optimizing your JetCooker? Contact one of our steam experts today to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all the Hydroheater’s benefits.


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