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World-Class Industrial Hydroheaters

Hydro-Thermal’s Jet Heaters - Made For Precision Hydro Heating

Hydro-Thermal designs Hydroheaters (also known as a Jetcooker™) as individual units or full custom systems, to your specifications. Each heater can be built directly onto a skid, ready to be inserted immediately into your production line. 


Curious about our patented direct steam injection technology? Head over to our Direct Steam Injection Overview page to learn more about how our direct steam injection technology works.

Wondering what applications are ideal for direct steam injection? See Where It Works for a list of industries.

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JetCooker - direct steam injection - Industrial Hydroheater


(Also known as the Jetcooker™) Heats a wide range of liquids from water to heavy viscous slurries

Volume capability: 1 up to 6,700 gpm [.2 up to 1,522 m³/hr]

Uses: pulp and paper applications, biofuels, ethanol and starch conversion, large volume water, anaerobic digestion, cooking, and more

Model Numbers: M101, M103, M104, M105, M106, M107, M108, M109, M110, K610, K612, K613, K614, K615, K616, K617, K510, K511, K512, K513, K514, K515, K516, K517, K410, K411, K412, K413, K414, K415, K416, K417

Solaris Jetcooker - direct steam injection Hydroheater 


Optimized straight-through heater, handles heavy slurries, medium consistency pulp stock or higher solids content.

Volume capability: 5 up to 25,000 gpm [1 up to 5,678 m³/hr]

Uses: medium consistency pulp stock, bleaching, anaerobic digestion, and other fibrous slurries

Model Numbers: S101, S202, S203, S204, S206, S208, S210, S212, S216

NOH - Non-Obstructing Jetcooker - direct steam injection hydroheater

NOH(Non-Obstructing Heater)

Rugged, able to handle abrasive materials (such as sand or grit) or large particulate/fibrous materials

Volume capability: 30 up to 3,035 gpm [6.8 up to 689 m³/hr]

Uses: Pulp bleaching, cellulosic ethanol, meat slurry, diced vegetables and blanching, mining and metals, municipal and industrial wastewater, and inline water heating with a large temperature rise

Model Numbers: NOH2, NOH4

ATTEC custom Jetcooker skid systems - direct steam injection

ATTEC® System

ATTEC or Advanced Fluid Heating Skids are completely customized solutions that are designed, built and installed to individual specs. Hydro-Thermal will provide necessary components including piping and control systems. These skids can be used for processing any type of slurry including starch cooking, food manufacturing, chemical processing and everything in between.

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Sanitary Jetcooker - 3A - direct steam injection Hydroheater

Sanitary Hydroheater®

Patented 3A certified heater manufactured in stainless steel(s), heats a wide range of liquids from water to heavy viscous slurries 

Volume capability: 1 up to 180 gpm [.2 up to 41 m³/hr]

Uses: food and beverage cooking, cheese and dairy production, sauces, and pharmaceutical fluids

Model Numbers: A304/A204/A104, A206/A106, A307/A207, A208/A108, A209/A109, A210/A110

SilverLine- food and beverage Jetcooker skid - direct steam injection

SilverLine™ Smart Cooking System

Sanitary 3A, CE certified and FDA compliant, stainless steel system for starches, slurries and high solid products

Volume capability: 5 up to 200 gpm [1.1 up to 45 m³/hr]

Uses: soups, sauces, beverages, dairy based products, tomato based products, starch based products, high or low shear products, pasteurization, batch or continuous processing.  

Infuze Jetcooker Sanitary Cooking System - direct steam injection

Infuze Sanitary Cooking Skid

Compact and fully sanitary cooking skid that helps products achieve finished recipe results, pasteurization or blended emulsification through 3-A, EHEDG and FDA certifications.

Minimum Volume capability: 3 up to 22 gpm [0.7 up to 5.0 m3/hr]

Maximum Volume capability: 30 up to 255 gpm [6.8 up to 57.9 m3/hr]

Uses: Soups, sauces, slurries, beverages, dairy-based products, tomato-based products, starch-based products, high or low shear products, blended emulsification, pasteurization, batch or continuous processing.

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EZ Heater Jetcooker - hot water on demand - direct steam injection Hydroheater

EZ Heater®

Water only applications

Volume capability: 2 up to 1,350 gpm [.5 up to 306 m³/hr] 

Uses: Tank heating/filling, washdown, clean-in-place (CIP), sanitation, clean-up can topping, cook pots, chemical reactors

Model Numbers: H310, H320, H330, H340, H360, H2010, H2015, H2020, H2030, H2040

EZ Skid Jetcooker - hot water on demand - direct steam injection

EZ Skid™ System 

For hot water only, utilizes the EZ Heater®

Volume capability: 2 up to 1,350 gpm [.5 up to 306 m³/hr] 

Uses: Tank heating/filling, washdown, clean-in-place (CIP), sanitation, clean-up can topping, cook pots, chemical reactors

Model Numbers: H310, H320, H330, H340, H360, H2010, H2015, H2020, H2030, H2040

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Autopilot, Autopilot Lite, Copilot - Accessories for the Jetcooker - Direct steam injection

Autopilot/Autopilot Lite/Copilot

Automatic product flow technology that adjusts a Hydroheater to maintain constant pressure drop across the unit.

Uses: Any K610 - K617 Hydroheater installations (also compatible on older K510 - K515 models)

Local control panel with inputs for differential pressure transmitter signal, pressure drop set point and system enable (Auto/Manual).

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Hydrive Linear Actuator (HLA)

Hydrive™ Linear Actuator (HLA)

The only actuator designed from the ground up to optimize heater & skid performance – delivering the most accurate and precise temperature control available.

Uses: EZ Heaters and Sanitary Hydroheaters with up to 1.5” travel

The HLA can be paired with the Hydrive Connect app to make calibration fast, easy, and precise. The Hydrive Connect app can also monitor live performance and retrieve historical data for deeper analysis.

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Parts are available for all discontinued heater models. New heater availability will vary. Please contact Hydro-Thermal for more information.


Hydro-Thermal's heaters utilize a Fisher reverse-acting diaphragm actuator (“fail close”). Generally coupled with a filter/regulator and a Fisher DVC 2000 or a DVC 6200 positioner that converts a 4-20 mA DC input signal to pneumatic output signal to the actuator. For high vibration applications remote mount positioners are available. Alternative positioners are available depending on unique processing conditions or upon request. Please contact Hydro-Thermal for more details.

The Industrial Hydroheater is very robust and reliable, and can be further enhanced as needed for heating abrasive fluids.  For many applications, a weld overlay and enriched material in key areas is sufficient. Some applications such as slurries with sand content require additional overlays outside the basic weld overlay. This technique has greatly increased the heater’s internal component lifespan. Other fluids have required more extensive modifications. In oil sands froth heating applications, for example, a combination of a weld overlay  as well as the use of hard, abrasive resistant materials is recommended. For specific requirements for your application, please contact Hydro-Thermal directly. 

All Industrial Hydroheaters include a combining tube. An extended combining tube may be recommended for a large ΔT (high temperature rise). Please contact Hydro-Thermal for more details.

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All Hydro-Thermal products are made for your specific operating conditions. We need to know about your process and plant set-up in order to design the heater or skid that will work best for your conditions. Fill out the get a quote form or contact us here to get started.

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Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of Hydroheaters. Through our vast global channel partners, we support hydro heating in six continents and all industrialized areas. We create heating systems for a variety of industries including: pulp, paper, chemical, ethanol, food & beverage, metal, & more!

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