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Developing the Next Generation of Food Scientists

Hydro-Thermal recently started a partnership with Mount Mary University’s new Food Science Chemistry Department. In September, three students and professor Dr. Anne Vravick will conduct starch research tests that will continue throughout the semester in Hydro-Thermal’s R&D Lab. The students will also gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside Hydro-Thermal’s food scientist and engineers. The Mount Mary starch research testing will culminate with a full student presentation to Hydro-Thermal’s Food Team on Friday, December 1.

The students will also observe Hydro-Thermal’s award-winning SilverLine food and beverage processing system, cooking starch and taking preliminary samples. The tests will yield important recommendations for SilverLine system’s fine tuning for the future. The system has been in field testing since 2010 (initially introduced as the Smart Cooking System) and has already garnered three impressive awards.

The relationship with Mount Mary is part of Hydro-Thermal’s Partners in Technology program, which fuels innovation via research partnerships with leading Midwestern universities, research associations, independent R&D engineering firms and customers. The program facilitates improvements and enhancements to current products and inspires new product development.

Milwaukee is one of the leading cities in the nation when it comes to careers in food science, with food and beverage production accounting for 9% of southeastern Wisconsin’s overall manufacturing. The Mount Mary Food Science Chemistry major was established in Fall 2016 to meet demand for jobs in the field. The curriculum is built with the help of local food industry professionals -- ensuring students get the right training and connect with potential employers. From food safety to sustainability, courses involve a lot of chemistry and analytics. Previously Mount Mary’s other food-related major was Dietetics, which focuses on food and behavior.

"It is exciting that Hydro-Thermal is in on the ground level with Mount Mary’s new Food Science Chemistry major," said Adam Small, Business Development Food Scientist for Hydro-Thermal. “With the industry booming on a local, national and international level, we are in an excellent position to have strong ties to exceptional students on the cutting edge of learning.” Hydro-Thermal has pioneered many new products and applications through its Partners in Technology program and looks forward to the results of working with the bright, enthusiastic students from Mount Mary University. MtMaryStrip

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