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Ethanol Expertise and Innovation with Hydro-Thermal


Achieving the ideal yield, producing desirable co-products, and reducing energy usage are a few of the many challenges facing ethanol producers. If you need to ensure a maximum yield during the mashing process or reduce energy usage per bushel, we have your solution. Replace your heat exchangers and spargers with a product that will improve your product quality and ensure consistency and production efficiency. Hydro-Thermal’s patented heating solution mixes steam and processes liquids completely while delivering precise, consistent temperature and instantaneous heating.


Hydro-Thermal’s proven application expertise.


Liquefaction/Slurry Mash Heating: Achieve the highest possible ethanol yield in either dry or wet milling operations. Heating the corn mash in the Hydroheater (also called the Jetcooker) is the first step to opening the starch molecules so the enzymes can break them down into sugar. The slurry starts and has a targeted temperature of 185°F [85° C]. Once it reaches the Hydroheater, the temperature setpoint has a range between 210°F and 225°F [98°C and 107°C]. It is equally important to maintain a constant pressure drop across the Jetcooker, optimizing shear, mixing characteristics, and overall performance efficiency.

Depressurization Vapor Condenser System (DVCS): Experience a decrease in the BTU load at the sieve vaporizer required by a boiler via recycling depress

urization vapors and reducing the cooling tower load. Achieve a more favorable water balance and a potential improvement in cooling capability through fermentation and distillation.

Slurry Tank Heating: Hydro-Thermal’s turnkey solution reduces viscosity, providing additional flexibility for slurry solids adjustments and reducing downstream equipment load demand. It has also shown an improvement in corn oil yield. Finally, it gives a more uniform heating solution that eliminates mash hot and cold spots within the slusolarisrry tank. This will eliminate the need for tank sparging, bringing additional opportunities in potentially reducing enzyme dosing rates.

Cellulosic Pretreatment: A non-shear Solaris Hydroheater can be used to produce cellulosic ethanol. Hydro-Thermal’s technology sufficiently hydrolyzes and opens up the structure of lignin-based biomass feedstocks to allow efficient and effective enzyme hydrolysis of the hemicellulosic sugars. Utilizing the Solaris heater has many benefits, including precise and accurate temperature control, increasing ethanol yield and corn oil production, and reducing energy costs.

Beer Mash Slurry/Beer Mash Column: To achieve more precise temperature control, Hydro-Thermal recommends installing a non-shear Solaris Hydroheater after the beer wnohell but before the beer column of the existing mash stream. The goal is to provide a more consistent/accurate mash temperature to the beer column (135°F [57°C] current to 170°F [76°C] future). Precise temperature control results in a reduction in energy usage, reduced energy usage, more flexibility and efficiency from the beer/mash exchangers, beer bottoms base loss recovery, and a reduction in chemical use.

Corn Oil Production: Hydro-Thermal’s NOH (Non-Obstructing Heater) heats thin stillage/syrup beyond the usually targeted temperatures and helps ethanol producers achieve their minimum feed tag specifications. The result is increasing corn oil production numbers and ultimately increasing revenue. These products provide accurate and consistent temperature control, and the added temperature works as an emulsifier. As a result, ethanol producers may reduce or eliminate their emulsion breaker chemicals while still maintaining or increasing oil production.



Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the manufacturing and designing direct steam injection heating solutions, including the Hydroheater/Jetcooker. Our patented heating system mixes steam and processes liquids thoroughly while delivering precise and consistent temperature, instantaneous heating, and no scaling or fouling of the product. Our heaters are the industry standard in the ethanol and starch industries. They can be utilized to heat everything from utility water and liquefaction/slurry mash to corn oil, beer column, and slurry tanks.


Would you like more information about one of these applications in your ethanol facility? Contact Hydro-Thermal today at 800-952-0121, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by visiting Hydro-Thermal in Des Moines, Iowa, during the 2021 Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) July 13-15 in booth 1310.

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  • Advancing Innovation Through Collaborative Partnerships

    Hydro-Thermal Corporation has a rich history of collaborating with respected external entities to drive innovation in all aspects of our business.

    The company believes that revolutionary ideas don’t only come from internal staff, but that inspiration can be found in many places. Looking at our customer base, Hydro-Thermal has uncovered numerous opportunities, often identifying the need before the customer articulates one. Hydro-Thermal constantly seeks out ways to gather feedback from customers, and in turn anticipates their future needs, and creates customized solutions.

    A valuable source fueling innovation at Hydro-Thermal is our strategic research partnerships with leading Midwestern universities, research associations, independent R&D engineering firms and customers. The Hydro-Thermal Partners in Technology program facilitates improvements and enhancements to current products and inspires new product development.

    Hydro-Thermal pioneered many new products and applications through its Partners in Technology program, working with companies to test new technologies and help advance ethanol programs. Over the years Hydro-Thermal has radically expanded applications in ethanol/biofuels industries due to collaboration and relationships that have been developed with ethanol customers around the country.

    The innovation Partnership program expands and evolves Hydro-Thermal’s collaborative efforts, bringing even greater benefits to each entity, our customers and manufacturers. Innovation Partners are offered a suite of Hydro-Thermal technology offerings and customers select which solutions would benefit them most. The featured products are newer on the development spectrum and have been tested in Hydro-Thermal’s lab, as well as at customer sites.

    Critical factors in identifying a new Hydro-Thermal Innovation Partner include short and long-term goals of the customer, mutual alignment/vision for success, and willingness to continue cultivating the business relationship. Transparency in tracking and sharing process data before and after installation is of the utmost importance. This data allows the Hydro-Thermal team to evaluate and provide the customer with accurate data analysis, which includes identifying process benefits and improved projected asset revenue.

    Another enticing benefit for Hydro-Thermal Innovation Partners is that they receive significant pricing discounts when they purchase more than one solution at the same time. The initial technology purchases, as well as the cost of service and parts over a duration of time (usually two years or greater) are greatly decreased. If a customer has multiple locations, that is even more beneficial, as installations at multiple sites generate additional pricing improvements, data acquisition for analysis and the evaluation of both the short/long term process improvements and financial benefits.

    The Hydro-Thermal / Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC partnership was first discussed in the fourth quarter of 2017 and was formally established in January 2018. Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC was selected as an Innovation Partner due to its progressive short and long-term vison for growth and sustainability within the Biofuels industry. This vision aligns well with Hydro- Thermal’s long term goals of being a value-added partner, positive contributor and our vested interest in growth and success within the Biofuels industry. This alignment identified four of our current innovation projects that the customer could benefit from operationally and financially while continuing to focus on the business relationship that included sharing process data and serving as a reference for other plants.

    Jim Zaiser, Hydro-Thermal President and CEO, remarked, “Since our humble beginnings designing a system for a single pulp and paper mill in Wisconsin, Hydro-Thermal has invested heavily in pushing our technology forward. The Innovation Partner Program is the natural next step in a rich history of collaboration and revolutionary thinking.”

    Hydro-Thermal products currently featured in the Innovation Partner suite include the slurry Hydroheater, CIP EZ Heater, beer column Solaris heater and corn oil Solaris heater. All these solutions have been installed at Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC and are operating as designed.


    Current Innovation Project Benefits:


    Ability to shift some steam load off the first effect evaps providing flexibility to drive evaporation harder. Adjustments to syrup draw will allow for solids adjustments that could help improve water balance stabilization and control. Potential positive impacts to corn oil production including evap to corn oil system slip stream draw points, potential reduction in evap cleaning requirements, alcohol beer bottoms base loss recovery, primary centrifuge adjustments for additional process water removal, energy efficiency and wet/dry DDG product moisture flexibility, increased beer feed rate and throughput without column carry over, ultimately increasing ethanol production and bottom dollar asset revenue.


    Energy savings when compared to using the standard tube and shell exchanger. The EZ Heater also heats more precisely and accurately with relation to the targeted temperature set point.


    Increasing the thin stillage or syrup slip stream temperature will act as an emulsion breaker. This allows optimization of the emulsion breaking chemical, tricanter/disk stack adjustment, evaporator draw point location and solids flexibility that could drive reducing or eliminate chemical dosing requirements, while improving corn oil production and byproduct revenue values.


    Energy efficiency improvements at slurry, potential enzyme reduction, more uniform mash consistency, precise temperature control, reduced slurry tank vibration, improved reliability and a reduction in unscheduled downtime, improved corn oil production and a potential improvement in ethanol yield due to the hydro heaters sheering effect that exposes additional starch for sugar and ethanol conversion.


    Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC is the second Innovation Partner under Hydro-Thermal’s newly launched program. Several other sites are in the works for a variety of projects in this new program.

    Although numerous plants have one Hydro-Thermal solution or another, the Innovation Partner program targets customers with similar short/long term goals and a vision for continuous improvement. This includes installing multiple new technologies and a transparent partnership that includes tracking and sharing process data and serving as a reference for Hydro-Thermal. The program is limited to certain customers and time frames and will continue to evolve as existing needs are fulfilled and emerging needs are identified.


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Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of Hydroheaters. Through our vast global channel partners, we support hydro heating in six continents and all industrialized areas. We create heating systems for a variety of industries including: pulp, paper, chemical, ethanol, food & beverage, metal, & more!

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