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Expansion to Third Waukesha Location

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The Intellective by Hydro-Thermal

Hydro-Thermal recently signed a lease for an office space in downtown Waukesha, located at 330 W. Broadway. This innovative, collaborative workspace, nicknamed the Intellective by Hydro-Thermal staff, will be utilized in developing new Hydro-Thermal products and processes. The goal for this space is to foster growth, develop new opportunities, and compete in today’s manufacturing space through innovation.

The 1,400-square foot building will be operational in September and features an open concept approach to encourage collaboration. The urban setting, nestled in with many restaurants and professional offices, offers a striking change to the company’s current, more traditional headquarters located near the Waukesha County Airport. The soaring 16-foot ceilings and lack of any type of cubicle structure encourages the flow of energy throughout. The space will accommodate 10 staff and/or contractors and also features a spacious, modern, conference room designated for group interaction.

The craft beer system product development team is ready to move in and get to work as the first group to utilize the new space. “It’s exciting to know I will be part of the first of many projects housed here, but most of the excitement comes from knowing our company is truly investing in and becoming more innovative” remarked James Ober, Project Manager for the Beer Team. This is one of the many interesting and high-profile opportunities Hydro-Thermal has in the works. The thought is that work done in this space will pay large dividends for the future of the company.

This is the fourth expansion for Hydro-Thermal since the 1995 move to the current headquarters at 400 Pilot Court in Waukesha. Their original location was on 70th and State Street in Wauwatosa. With each expansion, the company further transitioned toward a more innovative workspace, bringing down walls, and making design decisions that facilitate creative flow.

Hydro-Thermal’s initial expansion in 2012 increased its headquarters by 10,000 square feet, for a total of 36,000 square feet. In 2015 Hydro-Thermal added a second facility down the street from its headquarters. The 16,000-square foot space, located at 407 Pilot Court, houses 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 15 offices. In 2016 a second expansion to the 407 building occurred, adding 5,000 square feet with 20 work spaces, two conference rooms, and three small “focus” rooms.