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Hydro-Thermal Speaks at Largest Ethanol Conference

Fuel Ethanol Conference 2017

This week Hydro-Thermal presented and exhibited at the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world. The Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) now in its 33rd year, hosts 2,000+ attendees and 300 exhibitors.

Hydro-Thermal Channel Partner, Dr. Loren Chen, spoke to conference attendees about the Effects of Jet Cooking on the Enzymatic Degradation of Starch. Technical presentations are hand-picked by an abstract rating committee of nearly 40 industry experts. Dr. Chen is looked to as the preeminent expert of ethanol and starch markets in Asia. He is also the President of East Tide Science & Technology and has more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Chen earned his PhD from The Ohio State University in Inorganic Chemistry and earned his BA in the same field from Cal State-Fullerton.

The FEW delivers timely presentations with a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production – from quality control and yield maximization to regulatory compliance and fiscal management. The FEW is also the ethanol industry’s premier forum for unveiling new technologies and research findings. The FEW also offers superb networking forums alongside the largest, most widely attended expo in the business. The program extensively covers cellulosic ethanol while remaining committed to optimizing existing grain ethanol operations.

The 2017 FEW is in Minneapolis, MN, with upwards of 500 plant personnel from ethanol facilities in more than 30 countries in attendance.FEW2017booth


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