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Challenging Work Awaits Hydro-Thermal Interns

Hydro-Thermal Internships

apprentice lifeRemember your days as an intern? You were so excited to hit the real world of work and dazzle employers with your newly acquired skills and expertise. You envisioned yourself sharing ideas that revolutionized the organization. The reality? You spent the summer making copies.

Hydro-Thermal believes in treating interns like the valuable resource they are. Our interns get a legitimate dose of real world experience. In fact, Hydro-Thermal’s internships are so beneficial, we’ve had students return summer after summer after summer to roll up their sleeves and get down to business.

Before starting an internship at Hydro-Thermal, prospective candidate’s skills are assessed, as well as personal and scholastic interests. After evaluating the results, internships are designed based on the intern’s input and needs at Hydro-Thermal.

A sincere interest in paring interns where there is the greatest mutually beneficial opportunity is only one of the best selling points of a Hydro-Thermal internship. Another big selling point is that internships are offered by all departments across the company – from Engineering to Accounting, Marketing to Sales, and CNC Programming to Manufacturing.

When asked what insight is offered to court interns, Jill Zoromski of Hydro Thermal human resources remarked, “This is a really innovative place with a true commitment to providing a mutually rewarding experience.”

Some common threads that Hydro Thermal interns mention is that they felt truly involved in their department and the work was challenging. Interns also often mention growth in skills that will help in their everyday life like project management, customer service, time management, organization and responsibility.

Two attributes that Hydro-Thermal values in students are the creative energy and enthusiasm they bring. We have hired more than 25 interns since the start of the intern program approximately eight years ago. Today, one in four Hydro-Thermal interns has been hired as full time staff after graduation.

Mechanical engineering intern, Selena Boltik, remarked on her time here, “I was able to experience a wide variety of engineering tasks; from product design and modeling to lab testing and data compilation; which helped me decide what I want to do in my career and feel I was making a valuable contribution to the company.”

Hydro-Thermal doesn’t only offer internships for students who are in college. If you’re in high school and are interested in learning more about a prospective career field, Hydro-Thermal would like to speak with you.

“In the eight months that I’ve been here, I’ve developed a sense of communications and tactics that will stick out in a competitive interview,” said Alyson Reighn, manufacturing intern, incoming freshman at UW-Stout. “The hands-on experience will help me narrow down my options for the future.”

Hydro Thermal interns have moved on to some prestigious schools following their time here. Some universities and colleges that have welcomed Hydro-Thermal intern alums include Colgate University, MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering), University of Minneapolis, Marquette University, and many schools in the UW-System.

Interested in an internship? Candidates should This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., list of expected classes for the next semester, and a one-page essay about your experience and goals for your time with Hydro-Thermal. 

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