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Achieving the ideal yield, producing desirable co-products, and reducing energy usage are a few of the many challenges facing ethanol producers. We have your solution if you need to ensure a maximum yield during the mashing process or reduce energy usage per bushel. Replace your heat exchangers and spargers with a product that will improve your product quality and ensure consistency and production efficiency. Hydro-Thermal’s patented heating solution mixes steam and processes liquids completely while delivering precise, consistent temperature and instantaneous heating. 


Hydro-Thermal’s proven application expertise.

Liquefaction/Slurry Mash Heating: Achieve the highest possible ethanol yield in dry or wet milling operations. Heating the corn mash in the Hydroheater (also called the Jetcooker) is the first step to opening the starch molecules so the enzymes can break them down into sugar. The slurry starts with a targeted temperature of 185°F [85° C]. Once it reaches the Hydroheater, the temperature setpoint has a range between 210°F and 225°F [98°C and 107°C]. It is equally important to maintain a constant pressure drop across the Jetcooker, optimize shear and mix characteristics, and ensure overall performance efficiency.

Slurry Tank Heating: Hydro-Thermal’s turnkey solution reduces viscosity, adding flexibility for slurry solids adjustments and reducing downstream equipment load demand. It has also shown an improvement in corn oil yield. Finally, it provides a uniform heating solution that eliminates hot and cold mash spots within the slurry tank. This will eliminate the need for tank sparging, bringing additional opportunities to reduce enzyme dosing rates. 

Cellulosic Pretreatment: A non-shear Solaris Hydroheater can produce cellulosic ethanol. Hydro-Thermal technology sufficiently hydrolyzes and opens up thesolaris no color crop structure of lignin-based biomass feedstocks to allow efficient and effective enzyme hydrolysis of the hemi cellulosic sugars. Utilizing the Solaris heater has many benefits, including precise and accurate temperature control, increasing ethanol yield and corn oil production, and reducing energy costs.

Beer Mash Slurry/Beer Mash Column: To achieve more precise temperature control, Hydro-Thermal recommends installing a non-shear Solaris Hydroheater after the beer well but before the beer column of the existing mash stream. The goal is to provide a more consistent/accurate mash temperature to the beer column (135°F [57°C] current to 170°F [76°C] future). Precise temperature control results in reduced energy usage, reduced energy usage, more flexibility and efficiency from the beer/mash exchangers, beer bottom base loss recovery, and reduced chemical use.

noh cropSyrup Heating for Corn Oil Production: Hydro-Thermal’s NOH (Non-Obstructing Heater) heats thin stillage/syrup beyond the usually targeted temperatures and helps ethanol producers achieve their minimum feed tag specifications. This increases oil production and, ultimately, revenue. These products provide accurate and consistent temperature control, and the added temperature works as an emulsifier. As a result, ethanol producers may reduce or eliminate their emulsion breaker chemicals while maintaining or increasing Syrup production.


Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the manufacturing and designing of direct steam injection heating solutions, including the Hydroheater/Jetcooker. Our patented heating system mixes steam and processes liquids thoroughly while delivering precise and consistent temperature, instantaneous heating, and no scaling or fouling of the product. Our heaters are the industry standard in the ethanol and starch industries. They can heat everything from utility water and liquefaction/slurry mash to corn oil, beer column, and slurry tanks.

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Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of Hydroheaters. Through our vast global channel partners, we support hydro heating in six continents and all industrialized areas. We create heating systems for a variety of industries including: pulp, paper, chemical, ethanol, food & beverage, metal, & more!

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