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As a former ethanol plant manager, I’ve been exposed to many different levels of optimization. Plants across the industry strive to be in the top 10-15% from an efficiency standpoint, while others aim higher-the top 5%.

To achieve these goals, plants work to debottleneck their processes and optimize their efficiencies. Plants also work with government agencies to obtain permit modifications that allow their assets to push production rates beyond the original or nameplate design.

During the boom of building ethanol plants, Hydroheaters / Jetcookers were engineered and designed for nameplate capacity. With their ability to provide accurate temperature control within +/- 1°F [0.5° C] and optimal DP control, Hydroheaters reduce risk of infection, promote shear, and provide a heat source for the side stripper in distillation.

Questions to Consider:

  • Has your plant increased throughput over the last five years?
  • How is your Hydroheater handling the added capacity by being able to maintaining temperature and the targeted DP set point?
  • Has maintaining your set point and DP become more challenging? Nearly impossible? What could you do to be better?

As the industry continues to evolve and move forward with increasing throughput we can help you to optimize your efficiencies with the correct size Hydroheater based on current and future production goals.

Hydro-Thermal has Hydroheater sizing and process parameter tools to calculate your current conditions and also help focus on your long term production goals. Our customized measures provide us with the ability to size a heater and internals for your plant that will bring long term value for many years.

Contact us today to help us optimize your plant, for now and for the future.


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