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Why Steam? Steam Injection Heating Systems Deliver MORE:

  • Control

    Achieve and maintain ultra precise and consistent temperatures

  • Up-time

    Simple design streamlines maintenance and minimizes downtime

  • Value

    100% energy efficient heat delivers 20%+ energy cost savings vs. other heating methods

  • Capacity

    Innovative product design uses minimal floor space, expanding your production capabilities

  • Confidence

    100% performance guarantee gives you peace of mind

Learn How Our Steam Injection Technology Works

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Direct Steam Injection Heating for Pet Food Processing


Creating a consistent, repeatable product that appeals to both the pet and their owner can be challenging for any pet food manufacturer.

To ensure product quality, achieve exact temperature and reduce energy usage, processors can look no further than Hydro-Thermal for a customized heating solution. Our patented heating system works by mixing steam and process liquids completely while delivering precise temperature and instantaneous heating. For more information on our advanced sanitary steam injection technology, click here.

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Pet Food Webinar

 Why use Direct Steam Injection in your processing?

Consumer awareness to pet food ingredient content and food choice is creating pressure on your plant to deliver profits and sustainability. Don't let outdated technology cost you time and money!

Hydro-Thermal's patented Direct Steam Injection cooking systems and heaters offer flexibility and versatility throughout your plant.

Want to learn more? Click on this link. It will lead you to a form to get access to our pet food webinar - 'Confronting your Production Challenges'

Applications for Pet Food Processing


The SilverLine continuous cooking system is a streamlined, self-contained, polished stainless steel food and beverage processing system designed to cook recipes exactly as specified, replacing heat exchangers and kettles. It mixes steam and liquid foods completely while delivering precise and consistent temperature control, instantaneous heating and no scaling or fouling of the product. It can be used for a variety of pet food applications including heating meat slurry. For more information on the SilverLine, click here.

For a case study when the SilverLine was used to make pet food, click here.

Hydro-Thermal offers several other products that can be utilized in the pet food market. For more detail on all of our products, click here.


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For more information on our patented direct steam injection technology, click here.
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