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Common Questions about the Hydroheater/ Jet Cooker


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How do I know if a Hydroheater is the right choice for my application?
Buying a new piece of equipment is a major decision. We will guide you through the purchasing process, so you can be confident in your investment.

To help us understand your needs, first we will have you fill out an application data sheet. Our customer service staff is available to help you complete the form or you can do it yourself online. By completing a process data sheet we will be able to assess your needs and expectations. This will also help us work with you to ensure that our technology is a good fit with your application.

Once we collect your application data and review your specifications we will develop the optimal technical and economical solution for your requirements. Additional consultation may occur to ensure that the best solution is identified.

To start the process, complete an application data sheet or call (800) 952-0121 or (262) 548-8900 and ask for Customer Service.

What materials are used in Hydroheaters?
The standard material for Hydroheaters is grade 316 stainless steel. Other metallurgies are available based on requirements for corrosiveness, abrasiveness, or other conditions that may require a variance from our standard materials. we can use 317L, Hastelloy, 254 SMO, up to AL6XN

Can your products be used to heat abrasive fluids?

The Hydroheater is very robust and reliable, and can be further enhanced as needed for heating abrasive fluids. For many applications, a weld overlay and enriched material in key areas is sufficient. Some applications such as slurries with sand content require additional overlays outside the basic weld overlay. This technique has greatly increased the heater’s internal component lifespan. Other fluids have required more extensive modifications. In oil sands froth heating applications, for example, a combination of a weld overlay as well as the use of hard, abrasive resistant materials is recommended. For specific requirements for your application, please contact Hydro-Thermal directly.

What types of media can a Hydroheater heat?
A Hydro-Thermal Hydroheater can heat a diverse array of fluids, from water to heavy, viscous slurries. Based on the type of heater you choose we can heat tomato paste, medium consistency pulp stock or higher solids content.

We also offer options that utilize low shear flow. This makes it ideal for food slurries with high solid contents where viscosity, chunk size, and overall integrity of the product must be maintained.

If the media you want to heat can accept steam, this is your solution.

How long have Hydroheaters been around?
The technology behind direct steam injection was developed in 1911. Inventors John White and Roy Miller patented heating equipment using steam to precisely control water temperature in 1927. Manufacturing industrialist, Harry Schauer invented the Hydroheater in 1934 for use in a paper mill in Wisconsin.

Today, more than 80 years after the Hydroheater was invented, Hydro-Thermal has taken the technology and expanded its application across diverse industries.

How do I request a quote? 
Unlike heat exchangers, kettles or spargers, the Hydroheater is engineered specifically for your process conditions and unique application. We need to know a few things about your conditions, such as temperature range, steam pressure, and flow rates to size a heater specifically for you.

Completing an application data sheet is the first step in getting a quote. Our inside sales staff is available to help you complete the form or you can do it yourself online. For assistance, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (800)952-0121 or (262)548-8900 and ask for Inside Sales.

How do I identify the model number and/or serial number of my heater? 
To locate these numbers, first look at the heater itself. There you will find a Hydro-Thermal name plate with the model number and serial number engraved on it. Do not take the numbers off the actuator as those are not the Hydro-Thermal identifiers.

How do I obtain the operator’s manual for my heater? 
Simply go to the Knowledge Center, find your heater model, click the corresponding link, and the manual will be downloaded to your computer. To access to the Knowledge Center, click here to create an account or log in.